Dustin Poirier will NEVER call Dana White for a fight after UFC 302 defeat

Dustin Poirier reveals he won't be contacting the UFC for setting up fights.

Dustin Poirier will NEVER call Dana White for a fight after UFC 302 defeat

Dustin Poirieir won't call the UFC for fights (via Imago)

Dustin Poirier is putting up boundaries in the aftermath of his UFC 302 loss against Islam Makhachev. The former interim lightweight champ revealed he was done taking the initiative on fights. From now on, if Dana White or UFC wants Poirier, they’ll have to get in contact with him.

Poirier was recently interviewed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. He revealed his disappointment at not getting the belt. Poirier also said that he needed to see how the fights offered to him made him feel.

I gotta see how I feel. Talking about those things it’s not exciting to me. But if my phone rang right now and it was Hunter [Campbell]… I gotta see how I feel when it’s offered to me... I’m not calling [UFC]
Dustin Poirier via The MMA Hour

Poirier’s hard stance comes after a tough setback against Islam Makhachev. The determined Makhachev ground out a submission win in the 5th round of their back-and-forth contest. This was Poirier’s third attempt at the title and now, it seems to him that the title is off-limits.

So the UFC veteran is drawing a line in the metaphorical sand. No more will “The Diamond” be campaigning and calling out opponents unprompted. The ball is now in the UFC’s court to entice him back and offer him opponents that he deems interesting. However, the tonality of his answers pointed to Dustin Poirier being ready to retire after a long and illustrious career.

Dustin Poirier undecided on his future; leaning toward retirement

Fan favorite fighter Dustin Poirier recently dropped a bombshell. He’s strongly considering retirement following the UFC 302 fiasco. In a candid interview with Ariel Helwani, the lightweight contender revealed he was at the cusp of hanging up his gloves.

Dustin Poirier undecided on his future after Islam Makhachev loss
Dustin Poirier undecided on his future after Islam Makhachev loss (via Sky Sports)

It’s a startling admission from the veteran. Poirier has been a fixture in the promotion’s most talent-rich division for over a decade. He had stated before UFC 302 about this being his last fight but had held off on making it official. But it seems the recent loss to champ Islam Makhachev has him reconsidering his future.

I’m not going to do it again. I’m not going to fight five more times trying to earn another title shot. I’m in a weird spot and I don’t know how to explain it or what decision to make. I’m taking it day-by-day and see what comes with my mind changing and seeing how I feel.
Dustin Poirier via The MMA Hour

On one hand, Poirier felt he could still compete with the elite lightweights. With slick boxing and an overwhelming heart, few would argue he can’t hang. On the other hand, Poirier is also wary of taking more damage and overstaying his time. It’s a dilemma plenty of fighters have grappled with over their careers. When to say “when” on something you’ve dedicated your life to isn’t easy.

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