GTA Online: How to Get Stun Gun (Taser) to troll players in Lobby

The Stun Gun is accessible through an Agency property in GTA Online.

GTA Online: How to Get Stun Gun (Taser) to troll players in Lobby

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Players in the ever-popular game GTA Online may have come across various powerful weapons. These weapons allow you to wreak havoc in the game’s open world.

However, if you’re looking for a weapon that can troll other players in the game’s lobby, then the stun gun, also known as the taser, could be the perfect addition to your arsenal. Here’s how to get the stun gun in GTA Online and use it to your advantage.


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Finding the Stun Gun in GTA Online

GTA Online

The stun gun is not available for purchase at any of the Ammu-Nation stores. However, it is only available if you own and set up an Agency business with Franklin Clinton. To do this, head to the Dynasty 8 Executive website and purchase an Agency property. Once your Agency is established, go up to the top floor of the office.

Here players can visit the Requisitions Officer in the Armory. From there, select Pistols and scroll to the bottom of the list to find the GTA Online stun gun. The stun gun costs $375,000 in GTA Online. Rockstar may add this weapon in the Gun Van weapon rotation in the future, however, players have to wait and see.


Now that you have the stun gun in your possession, it’s time to put it to use in the game. The stun gun has a limited range. It is only effective over around 11m / 36ft. This is due to the probe extending on wires to deliver the electricity. It also takes 12 seconds to recharge between shots. However, if you manage to hit another player with it, they will be incapacitated, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks.

One popular trolling method in the game’s lobby involves using the stun gun to incapacitate other players and then killing them while they are defenseless. Another option is to stun multiple players at once, causing chaos in the lobby and potentially leading to a full-blown brawl. However, it’s important to note that repeatedly trolling other players in this manner can lead to them reporting you to Rockstar, and potentially resulting in a ban from the game.

The stun gun can be a valuable tool for trolling other players in the game’s lobby. By following the steps outlined above, you can add this weapon to your arsenal and use it to incapacitate and troll other players in GTA Online. However, it’s important to use this weapon responsibly and not repeatedly harass other players, as this can lead to consequences for the game’s developers.


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