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Is Arcane canon and officially part of League of Legends’ story?

Is Arcane Canon part of it?, You will be surprised by the answer, Checkout the article to know more.

Arcane is the surprise TV hit of the year, bringing League of Legends lore to Netflix. The 3D-animated show is one of the streamer’s most popular, with a second season already on the way. While League of Legends is a notoriously lore-heavy property, can newcomers dive straight into Arcane? We’ve got details on whether it’s canon, and if it fits into the wider League of Legends story.

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Arcane: is it canon and part of League of Legends?

Yes, Arcane is very closely linked to wider League of Legends lore. In fact, the show’s opening sequence highlights the franchise on the title screen, making it clear that this is indeed a League of Legends story. That said, it doesn’t always tie directly into the games and other media. That’s especially notable in how the show treats the characters Jayce and Victor. In the show they’re close friends and co-workers, while the games position them as frenemies, never quite getting along.

Is Arcane canon and officially part of League of Legends’ story? 2

These are the sort of minor tweaks that Arcane makes to the lore. They aren’t radical enough to change the franchise, but might confuse dedicated LoL fans diving into the show. However, since it’s aimed towards a broadly casual audience, it’s likely that most viewers won’t notice. Arcane is more of a casual introduction to the series than the games, meaning the crea

With a second season on the way, only time will tell if Arcane continues to stick to existing League of Legends canon. New episodes could further change certain characterizations or even introduce new plot points. However, that’s something we’ll have to see, once the much-anticipated second season lands.

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