Behzinga’s wife Faith reveals IShowSpeed tried to TERRORISE their one-year-old daughter before the Sidemen Charity Match

IShowSpeed tries his best to make Olive cry

Behzinga’s wife Faith reveals IShowSpeed tried to TERRORISE their one-year-old daughter before the Sidemen Charity Match

IShowSpeed is well known for his trolling antics. So much so, that he has built 20 million followers on YouTube ever since he started streaming, all on the basis of his wild character with his bizarre reactions. The 19-year-old is known worldwide, especially after embracing interest in the football world. His unbeaten devotion to Cristiano Ronaldo is amongst the best fan relationships in the football world.

Just recently, the long-awaited Sidemen Charity Match took place. Amongst the star-studded players was the Best Variety Streamer Award 2023 Winner, IShowSpeed. A lot of hype had been built behind his name. His performance had many memorable moments this year, with slide tackles, great run-ins and close attempts to goal. However, one moment prior to the match seemed to capture the hearts of fans online. IShowSpeed and Behzinga’s one-year-old daughter have been caught on camera, for an interesting interaction.

After last year’s memorable offside goal, this year, fans had expected a masterclass of a performance from Speed. He also promised to score and embarrass KSI, who was the goalkeeper of the opposition team. Despite a missed penalty and many chances for scoring, IShowSpeed was able to bag an assist.

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IShowSpeed makes faces to scare Behzinga’s one-year-old daughter

IShowSpeed trying to scare Olive, Behzinga's one-year old daughter during the pre-match line-up
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On their recent Growing Paynes podcast, Behzinga and his wife Faith revealed to fans a funny moment between IShowSpeed and their one-year-old daughter Olive, during the recent Sidemen Charity Match. Faith recorded the moment and shared it with her fans, in which Speed can be seen making faces to Olive, who was in her father’s hands during the pre-match line-up.

On the Growing Paynes, Faith said “Speed was literally, cause you was just holding Olive like this, yea I’ve got a video of it, and Speed is just trying to actively make Olive cry. Like the faces that he was pulling were awful. I’ve screenshotted it and we can link the picture”. IShowSpeed has proven he is the menace indeed and won’t have no mercy, be it a one-year old child.

Behzinga even revealed that surprisingly, KSI was the one who was entertaining Olive and making funny faces to her and playing peekabo. However, IShowSpeed ruined it and made her cry with all the scary faces he made. IShowSpeed after all is known for his extravagant reactions. In fact, recently, he hilariously got Rio Ferdinand to bark whilst reacting to the Sidemen Charity Match.

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