WATCH: Dedicated Rocket League player uses his car to power his PC setup to play during power outage

The Rocket League professional's dedication is clearly evident.

WATCH: Dedicated Rocket League player uses his car to power his PC setup to play during power outage

Image via Olympic on Twitter

In a remarkable display of commitment and ingenuity, Olympic, a Rocket League player for Omnius Gaming, recently found himself faced with a power outage during a high-stakes Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) event. Not one to let unforeseen circumstances hinder his progress, Olympic decided to power his PC setup using his car’s battery. This allowed him to continue playing the popular vehicular soccer video game.

The incident occurred during a crucial $20,000 RLCS tournament match. Olympic and his team were vying for a shot at victory. Unfortunately, power outages have become a frequent occurrence in South Africa due to planned blackouts aimed at conserving energy. However, Olympic’s determination and resourcefulness enabled him to overcome this unexpected challenge.


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When faced with the power loss, Olympic quickly realized that he needed an alternative power source to keep his gaming setup running. Thinking on his feet, he rushed to his garage and connected an inverter to his car’s battery. This allowed him to effectively convert the car’s power to the power required by his PC and gaming peripherals. With his impromptu power solution in place, Olympic swiftly got back into the game. This allowed him to ensure that his team’s chances of victory in the event remained intact.

Olympic showcases immense dedication during Rocket League tournament

WATCH: Dedicated Rocket League player uses his car to power his PC setup to play during power outage
Images via Olympic on Twitter

The incident highlights the immense dedication and passion that professional esports players like Olympic bring to their craft. Their commitment goes beyond mere enjoyment and enters the realm of true sportsmanship. Despite the adversities they may face, these players demonstrate an unwavering determination to compete and excel.


Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, has gained immense popularity as a competitive esports title. With its unique blend of soccer and fast-paced vehicular gameplay, the game has attracted a passionate community of players worldwide. Olympic’s actions during the RLCS event serve as a testament to the competitive nature of the game and the lengths to which players are willing to go to ensure their participation.

Moreover, this incident sheds light on the challenges faced by esports athletes in regions where infrastructure and power reliability may not be as robust as in other parts of the world. The frequency of planned blackouts in South Africa, designed to save energy, poses a significant hurdle for players like Olympic. However, his ability to adapt to the situation exemplifies the resilience and determination required to succeed in the highly competitive esports landscape.

The commitment and resourcefulness displayed by players in the face of adversity contribute to the narrative of esports as a thriving and dynamic industry. Olympic’s use of his car to power his PC setup during a power outage will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to his passion and determination, leaving a lasting impression on both the Rocket League community and the wider esports world.


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