VALORANT Champions 2023 LA: All qualified teams for the Champions main event

A list of all qualified teams for the VALORANT Champions 2023 LA

VALORANT Champions 2023 LA: All qualified teams for the Champions main event

Valorant has been out for more than three years and has expanded the global esports scene by leaps & bounds. The Valorant Champions Tour, or VCT, has broken through viewership records! This year’s VCT series till now was a delight for fans, watching many underdogs come into the light. But now it is time to conclude the Valorant season with the VALORANT Champions 2023.

Riot Games hosts the Valorant Champions Tour, or VCT, as a yearly event. The season progresses with multiple phases throughout the year. Teams battle in international and regional tournaments to make their places for the grandest stage of all, VALORANT Champions. Best Valorant teams all around the world will arrive in LA this time to tear each other apart to take the beautiful VCT Champions trophy home


The VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 has concluded, and now only the LCQ for different regions remain. Moreover, the China Qualifiers are over, so fans have the teams that will showcase their might in Los Angeles. Riot Games have gone all out with the VCT this year, and fans are eagerly waiting for the main event to commence. So let’s use take a look at teams which has qualified for the VCT Champions!

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Teams qualified for VALORANT Champions 2023

VCT Champions 2023 in Los Angeles (credits: Riot Games)

Fans witnessed a phenomenal performance from the teams throughout the year. From VCT LOCK//IN to VCT Master Tokyo, fans saw how each franchised team has the potential to turn the tables. This VCT season has been a roller coaster ride. The community also got to see what the Chinese region brings to the table and how they should not be neglected when they talk about the best Valorant region. Here are all the teams along their rosters who will headline VALORANT Champions 2023 in LA.


Americas Region:

  • Loud
    • saadhak (IGL)
    • aspas
    • Less
    • tuyz
    • cauanzin
  • Evil Geniuses
    • C0M
  • NRG Esports
    • FiNESSE (IGL)
    • s0m
    • crashies
    • ardiis
    • Victor
    • ethos
  • KRÜ Esports(Americas LCQs)
    • Melser (IGL)
    • keznit
    • Klaus
    • DaveeyS
    • NagZ

EMEA Region:

  • Team Liquid
    • Redgar (IGL)
    • soulcas
    • Jamppi
    • Sayf
    • nAts
  • Fnatic
    • Boaster (IGL)
    • Chronicle
    • Leo
    • Derke
    • Alfajer
  • FUT Esports
    • MrFaliN (IGL)
    • qRaxs
    • MOJJ
    • AtaKaptan
    • qw1
  • Giants (EMEA LCQs)
    • rhyme(IGL)
    • Fit1nho
    • hoody
    • nukkye
    • cloud
  • NAVI(Masters Toyko slot: EMEA LCQs)
    • ANGE1(IGL)
    • cNed
    • Shao
    • Zyppan

Pacific Region:

  • Paper Rex
    • Jinggg
    • mindfreak
    • f0rsakeN
    • d4v41
    • something
    • cgrs
  • DRX
    • stax (IGL)
    • Rb
    • Zest
    • BuZz
    • MaKo
  • T1
    • xeta (IGL)
    • Munchkin
    • Sayaplayer
    • ban
    • Carpe
  • ZETA Division (Pacific LCQs)
    • Laz (IGL)
    • Dep
    • crow
    • SugarZ3ro’
    • TENNN

China Region:

  • Bilibili Gaming
    • Biank
    • rin
    • Knight
    • whzy
    • Yosemite
  • EDward Gaming
    • Haodong (IGL)
    • nobody
    • ZmjjKK
    • Smoggy
  • FunPlus Phoenix
    • BerLIN (IGL)
    • nizhaoTZH
    • Yuicaw
    • AAAAY
    • Lysoar

The lineups look really promising and fans cannot wait for VCT Champions to start. The details on VCT Champions tickets prices are out. So, strap in and be ready for one of the fiercest showdowns in the history of Valorant Esports!

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