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Disguised Toast says lack of “respect” to Ludwig after Twitch Recap Fiasco

Disguised toast has given a big statement towards twitch. Checkout the article to know more.

Offline TV’s Disguised Toast has called out the lack of respect shown to Ludwig after the now-YouTube star was excluded from his biggest fans’ Twitch Recaps. On December 15, Twitch streamers and viewers alike started getting their Twitch Recap through, with viewers able to see which streamer and categories they tuned into most throughout 2021.

Disguised Toast says lack of “respect” to Ludwig after Twitch Recap Fiasco 2

With the community sharing their Twitch Recaps, though, one thing became clear: streamers who had moved to other platforms, such as Ludwig and TimTheTatman, were nowhere to be seen. Ludwig called out his omission from the Twitch Recap, saying that he was “bummed” to have been removed from their end-of-year feature — and other streamers are sticking up for him, too.

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Why was Disguised Toast disappointed?

Disguised Toast was clearly similarly disappointed that major streaming names like Ludwig were left out, posting a tweet about the situation shortly after Ludwig spoke out. “Ludwig pushed the boundaries of content on Twitch for all of 2021,” he explained. “Even though he’s not there anymore, I think he deserved the respect of being in the Twitch Recap.”

Disguised Toast

Twitch hasen’t commented on the issue at hand, though since it appears to only be partnered streamers making the lists on Twitch Recap, it might be that streamers like Ludwig and Tim simply saw their stats dismissed because their channels are no longer partnered

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