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DrDisrespect teases an exciting Nike deal in the works! Is it real or just a skit?

DrDisrespect teased a potential collaboration with Nike in the works in the form of a phone call on his stream! Read more here!

DrDisrespect, on one of his latest streams picked up a phone call on his flip phone where he “talked” to a rep from Nike about a shoe deal that might be in the works between the two supergiants.

He talked about custom DrDisrespect gaming shoes and how there is definitely a demand for it around the world. Giving the reason or the shoes being that most gamers play in socks and shoes would definitely help them out with the cold.

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DrDisrespect teases a deal with Nike!

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, more popularly known by his online alias, DrDisrespect, has been one of the biggest streamers to see the face of the internet to date and has also recently opened his own game studio with the name of Midnight Society.


He is mostly known for his retro 80s style streams featuring retrowave music, stream packs, and high quality production all at the same time with his infamous Lamborghini and his Champions Club.

In a recent stream of his, the self proclaimed best gamer in the world received a call on his flip phone from who he claimed to be a rep from the famous sports apparel and legendary shoe making company, Nike.


On the call, he was heard saying the following : “You want to make custom DrDisrespect gaming shoes? I think it’s a great idea. Yes, I think there’s a demand.”

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Doc then went on to explain to the rep that gamers around the world mostly gamed with no footwear except for socks on their feet and sometimes, the ground can get cold and having some competitive gaming shoes would definitely help with the problem.


A little while later, he ended the conversation stating he had to get back to playing Warzone but if we are being honest, it was the least that his viewers were thinking about at that moment while some have even started to ask for signed pairs from the Two Time himself!

Will this actually come out to be the truth? Is the doc really going to be releasing custom gaming shoes with Nike? Only time will tell, but till then, you can rest assured that we will be sure to cover any and all updates that will take place on the topic.

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