Epic Games teases new Fortnite X WWE collaboration: Expected release date, skins and more

This collab will include a lot of in-game events and NPCs with mythic items too!

Epic Games teases new Fortnite X WWE collaboration: Expected release date, skins and more

(credits: @wwe on Instagram)

Collaborations between Fortnite and other well-known media have been strong. Fortnite consistently succeeds because of extensive collaborations with Marvel, Star Wars, and even God of War. And these crossovers have greatly boosted the player base. Furthermore, the recent Jujutsu Kaisen collection was a hit amongst the player base. Moreover, with that in mind, it’s time for a new collab, and this time it’s going to be Fortnite x WWE.

Fortnite frequently brings popular fictional and non-fictional figures into the game. The game also features connections to other games! Even Borderlands and God of War collaborated on a Fortnite game. Furthermore, the game had a great hit with its most recent collaboration with the animated sitcom Futurama. So it should be quite clear that Fortnite will work on collaborations that its fan base will like. Furthermore, it’s not going to be the first time when Fortnite has collabed with WWE.


Fortnite has done previous collabs with WWE. Last year, Epic Games released a John Cena skin on Fortnite, along with other famous goodies. And in a new Twitter post, the game has teased a new upcoming collaboration with WWE and would include some brand new skins. So get ready for a new Fortnite x WWE collab!

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Fortnite x WWE: Expected release date, skins, and more

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John Cena in Fortnite (credits: Epic Games)

Although it wouldn’t be the first time, Fortnite and the WWE are now once again collaborating. Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch will join the famed wrestling league in the metaverse. According to a new leak, these two well-known celebs will shortly receive their skins. They will have their own avatars in the popular battle royale game from Epic Games, joining John Cena as the WWE stars. According to the leakers, there will be a complete collaboration, and the skins will be included.


Furthermore, in a recent Tweet, Fortnite teased a collab with WWE by featuring an outline of the famed WWE belt. Furthermore, this time leaks suggest that the Fortnite X WWE collab isn’t just going to be a cosmetics collab. There will be a full collab that includes in-game products, characters with full sets of cosmetics, POIs and locations, NPCs, and much more in-game content. The two outfit bundles that players would receive would be based on the popular WWE stars Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch. This has been confirmed by the latest post on WWE’s main Instagram handle, featuring the two stars with a “pickaxe” in hand.

As of right now, the release date hasn’t been intimated. However, as per the publishers, the Fortnite X WWE collab is going to drop really soon. Furthermore, it will be accompanied by a lot of new events and in-game fun, so fans are really looking forward to it. This full collaboration is going to be a great one in a while from Fortnite!

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