FIFA 22: New Ivan Perisic Showdown Card is Live! How to Complete the SBC? (8th September)

FIFA 22: New Ivan Perisic Showdown Card is Live! How to Complete the SBC? (8th September)

Ivan Perisic Showdown SBC is Live and Up for Grabs!

A new Ivan Perisic Showdown SBC has been unveiled by EA Sports and is live in FIFA 22. The Perisic Showdown SBC has been launched towards the end of week 3 in Pre-Season. Pre-Season refers to the final event released by EA in FUT 22 to wrap up the FIFA 22 cycle, as it is reaching its closing stages.

Pre-Season aims to transfer players of FIFA 22, to FIFA 23 (once it releases) by providing certain incentives which will motivate players of the game to shift to FIFA 23. These incentives refer to rewards in Pre-Season where the rewards earned can be used in both FIFA 22, and FIFA 23 once it releases. Have a look below to find out how to complete the Ivan Perisic Showdown SBC.

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How to Complete the Ivan Perisic Showdown SBC in FIFA 22?

FIFA 22: New Ivan Perisic Showdown Card is Live! How to Complete the SBC? (8th September)
Perisic Showdown Card Stats

Ivan Perisic recently joined Tottenham Hotspur in the summer transfer window, and this will be his first season in the Premier League. Persic and Tottenham have had a pretty decent start to the season under manager Antonio Conte. Perisic has received a Showdown card from Tottenham, while Julian Alvarez has received the Showdown card for Manchester City ahead of this Weekend’s fixture.

Manchester City and Tottenham face off against each other this weekend, which is why Alvarez and Perisic respectively have received Showdown SBCs to be completed. Players of the game might lean more towards completing the Alvarez SBC rather than Perisic’s, as Manchester City are more favoured to win the weekend fixture. However, Tottenham seem to be an improved side this season, and shouldn’t be underestimated too much.

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Here are the requirements to complete the Perisic Showdown SBC in FIFA 22:

Top Form

  • Minimum Number of Players from Team of the Week OR Team of the Season: 1
  • Minimum Team Rating: 87
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 60

Premier League

  • Minimum Number of Players from the Premier League: 1
  • Minimum Team Rating: 88
  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 50
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Perisic’s Showdown card has been massively upgraded, and has huge boosts in stats as compared to his base card stats. He has obtained a staggering +16 Pace, +16 Shooting, +17 Passing, +17 Dribbling, +21 Defending, and +16 Physical. The Leak of the Perisic Showdown SBC came a few days from Fut Sheriff. Since it was the ever-reliable Fut Sheriff who leaked the card earlier, we knew this Showdown SBC was becoming official pretty soon. This SBC released by EA expires on September 9, before the weekend fixture. If you are planning to complete the SBC make sure to complete it before it expires tomorrow!

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