Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks hint on Cyno’s possible element and weapon

Cyno is an upcoming playable character from Sumeru whose element and weapon have been leaked. Read the article to know more.

Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks hint on Cyno's possible element and weapon
Upcoming Sumeru character Cyno

Travelers are heading close to the release of Sumeru, a nation that worships the Lesser Lord Kusanali and is known for the Dendro element. Apart from getting details from Sumeru NPC, several Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks have started pouring in as the beta testing of 2.8 update is ongoing in China.

The nation of Sumeru consists of deserts as well as rainforests, as mentioned by Dainsleif during the Teyvat storyline preview and Liben during the Marvelous Merchandise event. A lot of curiosity has been developed among the players since Sumeu will introduce playable Dendro characters.

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Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks: Possible information on Cyno

In Genshin Impact’s manga, the character Cyno has had a crucial role to play. Players who have read the manga will be able to find out that the character escorts Collei, another frequently mentioned character, to Sumeru. As of now, the manga displays Collei traveling to Sumeru along with Cyno.

Both of these characters are a point of interest especially when the prospect of Sumeru nation comes in. Several theories have also been crafted regarding Cyno and Collei, who are regarded as one of the first Sumeru playable characters. Fortunately, Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks have stated that Cyno is a Hydro polearm user.

Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks hint on Cyno's possible element and weapon
Cyno belongs from Sumeru Academia

This contradicts the previous speculations which said the character to be a Pyro user, as her webtoon art shows her belt’s badge to be in red color. This generally signifies that she can be a Pyro user, however, the recent Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks have provided with a contradicting information.

Cyno being a Hydro polearm user came as a surprise to the players who thought her to be a Geo character as well due to her appearance. However, it is important to note that these leaks are termed as questionable and might change in the future update. As a result, it is better to wait for more accurate information regarding Sumeru.

While Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks have revealed Collei to be a 4-star character, details regarding Cyno is not available in the game’s beta files. Some other names such as Nahida and Nilou have popped out occasionally being Sumeru characters but nothing can be confirmed as of now.

Genshin Impact Sumeru leaks hint on Cyno's possible element and weapon
Collei and Cyno traveling to Sumeru

Cyno’s rarity is deemed to be 5-star and in the manga, she is shown to have some unique powers but her element was not revealed. In any case, if he indeed becomes a Hydro polearm user then she will become the first Genshin Impact character to use Hydro polearm combination.

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