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GTA 6 hacker has allegedly been arrested, reports surfaces

GTA 6 hacker has been arrested earlier today in London. The previous rumors of the hacker being a minor have been confirmed.

GTA 6 hacker arrested!

Days after leaked gameplay videos on GTA 6 surfaced online, Rockstar Games came in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in order to investigate the person behind these leaks. The leaker has reportedly been arrested in London earlier today.


GTA 6 leaks dominated the internet for a couple of days, as for the first time ever, the community was able to see gameplay videos that were not misleading. Rockstar Games, however, was concerned on this issue as its effort went in vain.

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GTA 6 leaker reportedly arrested in London


Grand Theft Auto 6 is the upcoming title of the iconic franchise by Rockstar Games. While fans have been enjoying the weekly updates on GTA 5 or GTA Online, their wait for the upcoming title surpasses the hype of the current game.

As a consequence, when leaks regarding the title started gaining traction on the internet, fans were elated. On the flip side, Rockstar Games kept mum for a while before finally releasing an official statement.

Expressing gratitude to their fans, the developers confirmed the game won’t be delayed while they simultaneously began investigations in the case. The hacker’s identity was revealed to be that of a 17-year-old boy whose hacking group was also responsible for a cyber attack on Uber.

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As Rockstar Games and Uber worked in coordination, the hacker, who is apparently a minor, got arrested earlier today by the United Kingdom police. The report was shared by prominent journalist Matthew Keys, who stated that the FBI might release an official statement later on the arrest case.

Some previous reports claimed that the hacker holds previous arrest records as well, but a serious case wasn’t slapped on him. However, as the GTA 6 hacking case has been handed over to the FBI, it is unlikely we are going to see further leaks on the game.

GTA 6 by Rockstar Games is rumored to be released on early 2023 considering that the current title will soon complete 10 years of its release. It is possible that the developers try to bring some modifications to their game as most of the content has been revealed.

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