“He took the hard right on that one” Mizkif talks about the bargain xQc made when picking the gambling sponsorship

Mizkif discusses the possibility of xQc returning to Pokimane's podcast in teh near future after his gambling stream fiasco. Read More!

Mizkif and xQc
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After xQc’s whole gambling sponsorship took hold of the streaming world, many things are set to change for the future and the podcast that Poki and xQc were doing seems to be one of them.

Mizkif in a recent stream talked about how the new path that xQc seems to be forging for himself might affect his relationship with Pokimane, one of the biggest streamers on twitch who he also had a podcast with.

Mizkif doubts Poki and xQc will return to their podcast

After xQc did the sponsored gambling stream that people thought would’ve been past him by now, there has been a division of sects in the gaming world.

xQc is set to host sponsored gambling stream
xQc hosted a sponsored gambling stream

The first sect believing that what xQc is doing is for his sole benefit and that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants to on his own stream as long as it doesn’t violate Twitch‘s guidelines, while the other believes he should keep in mind the responsibility he has towards his audience in terms of the type of influence he may have over them.

Pokimane thinks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites
Pokimane talks about the Twitch gambling streams on crypto websites

While Mizkif seems to be on a bit more neutral ground in between the two thought processes, Pokimane has made her stance known and has strongly opposed streamers who pick up gambling sponsorships.

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While going through xQc’s subreddit in his stream, Mizkif saw a picture from Felix’s and Imane’s podcast and he asked his chat one simple question, “Do you think this podcast will happen anymore?”

Before the chat could answer his question however, he went ahead and answered his own question by saying “I think Felix had two roads he could go on, the Poki podcast, or the f**king road of gambling, and he went a hard right on that one” believing that xQc will not be returning to Poki’s podcast after the differences that may have been created due to the recent events.

Mizkif on xQc's subreddit
Mizkif on his stream going through xQc’s subreddit

xQc did indeed host his sponsored gambling stream to which people did in fact tune in. But ever since then, he has been dealing with the aftermath of the whole thing while having to answer trickier and trickier questions by the day.

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