How many players can play Lego Fortnite Mode? How to invite friends?

Explore the limitless world of LEGO Fortnite with your friends in survival and creative modes

How many players can play Lego Fortnite Mode? How to invite friends?

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A marvellous Fortnite Season OG was aptly concluded by the Big Bang event. Along with an Eminem concert, the event also showed us what was to come in the future. Epic Games revealed three new game modes coming to Fortnite: Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival and LEGO Fortnite, in partnership with the popular toy company.

Epic Games has celebrated its partnership with LEGO by releasing a Fortnite x LEGO skin and launching a brand new game mode for fans to try. The game mode allows you to create a sandbox world to build epic creations. Alternatively, you can launch a survival mode where you must find resources and manage your survival.


Epic Games seamlessly integrates Fortnite and LEGO into the same mode. Over 1200 existing Fortnite skins will take the form of a LEGO character in the mode. The game mode also has a significant social aspect to it. You must not traverse the world alone, but you can do so with your friends.

How to play LEGO Fortnite with friends?

Playing the game mode with your friends is much more fun than traversing the world alone. You can play LEGO Fortnite with up to 8 friends in a single world. You can also share the world’s key with your friends. Even if you are the creator of a particular world, your friends can still access that world when you are offline.

LEGO Fortnite World
Image via: Epic Games

Here is how you can invite your friends to your LEGO Fortnite world –

  • Launch your LEGO Fortnite World
  • Open the LEGO Fortnite menu
  • Navigate to the Players tab
  • Click on “Invite Players”
  • Select the usernames of the players you wish to invite

You can also give a key to select players that can access your world even when you are not online. Be careful while doing so, as they can cause mayhem in your world whenever they please. All players without a key will be logged out of that world once you go offline. You will see a list of everyone in your world under the player tab. You can select their name from the menu and grant them access to keys.

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