How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft and what are its uses?

Make Washing Capital building or other beautiful buildings with the help of white concrete block in Minecraft.

How to Make White Concrete in Minecraft and what are its uses?

Concrete is a unique block in Minecraft. Mojang Studios has introduced concrete blocks in 16 different colors. White concrete is very popular among other concrete blocks in Minecraft. Players often use this block for the roof, wall decoration, floor, etc. Contrary to white wool, concrete is not flammable, which is a property that players like and seek out in building materials. Despite being much tougher than stone blocks, they have lower blast resistance.

Given that it’s one of the game’s most durable and adaptable building elements, knowing how to make concrete in Minecraft can be useful. Like in reality, you cannot find concrete naturally. You first have to craft white concrete powder and add this to the water block to make the white concrete block.

Here’s how you can make white concrete and give your buildings a clean look in Minecraft.

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Steps to craft white concrete powder and make concrete blocks in Minecraft

Steps to craft white concrete powder and ultimately make white concrete blocks in Minecraft
New pattern to craft white concrete powder in Minecraft (image via Mojang Studios)

To make a concrete block you need four ingredients:

  • Water
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • White dye

For making white concrete powder, players need 1 white dye, 4 sand, and 4 gravel. You need to follow these steps in order to craft white concrete powder:

  1. First, open your crafting table.
  2. After opening the crafting table, you have to place these items in this specific pattern-
    • Put white dye on the first slot in the first row of the grid. Put sand in the rest of the slots in the first row.
    • For the second row, place sand in the first 2 slots and fill the last slot with gravel.
    • Finally, for the last row, you just need to put gravel in all the slots.
  3. You will see white concrete powder on the right side of the 3×3 grid of the crafting table. Move this white concrete powder to your inventory.

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft’s recreation of the concrete-making process is exact. The white concrete powder comes into contact with water to become solid white concrete blocks. You can accomplish this by submerging powder blocks in water. Interestingly, the white concrete powder doesn’t convert to white concrete block when it comes in contact with rain or water bottles. This means powder only converts to concrete blocks only when it comes in contact with water source blocks. You can place white concrete powder in any water body and it will immediately convert into white concrete. You need to break this white concrete block and pick it up to use anywhere you want.

Uses of white concrete blocks

These blocks have the smoothest textures in Minecraft, which makes them ideal for creating aesthetically beautiful buildings. You can also produce a ‘base drum’ sound by placing white concrete blocks under note blocks.

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