“I’m in the f*cking hospital b*tch” Fans troll IShowSpeed during his 19 million subscribers stream in hospital

IShowSpeed finally returns to stream 19 million subscribers stream!

“I’m in the f*cking hospital b*tch” Fans troll IShowSpeed during his 19 million subscribers stream in hospital

A well-awaited return, IShowSpeed is FINALLY returned to streaming. After almost a week of absence, IShowSpeed returns to live streaming on his main YouTube Channel. Rumors had circulated before the stream, but it was doubtful as the streamer’s health was still not optimally recovered.


IShowSpeed has been the topic of the social media world for the past week. Speed suffered clustered headaches during his latest trip to Japan. It was severe as the streamer got hospitalized and required surgery. Constant updates were out every other day as the streamer was in agony and kept making health update videos, describing the pain as “stabbing to the forehead”.

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Fans troll IShowSpeed by unsubscribing moments before he hit 19 million!

"I'm in the f*cking hospital b*tch" Fans troll IShowSpeed during his 19 million subscribers stream in hospital

This all came after his trip to Japan, where we saw the streamer meet infamous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Neymar Jr. Anyone who’s been watching the streamer for a while, knows what a million subscribers mean to him. Every million he hits on YouTube, he celebrates the milestone by stepping up the notch of wild antics. This time, unfortunately, he was hospitalized during his 19th million. However, this did not stop fans from getting the legendary Speed antics that everyone anticipated.


As IShowSpeed started the stream at 18,997,018 million subscribers, around 3000 subscribers away from 19 million, fans decided to mess with the popular streamer. He begins the stream by saying “Yo guys, I didn’t want to miss this moment with you guys, I’m still hospitalized as you can see, but I didn’t wanna miss this 19 million moment with y’all”.

He then requests, “Guys I can’t be streaming for long, so please guys I need everybody in the chat to sub, this might be my last stream y’all and I’m being serious I’m not even tryna troll. Let’s not troll today’s chat. I got IVs and sticks in my body and I’m just tryna hit 19 million for y’all bro.” The subscriber count then rose, all the way to 18.9 million, as suddenly it started to drop.

Speed realizes he was being trolled as he started RAGING. “I’m in the F*CKING HOSPITAL. WHY ARE ALL SITTING HERE TROLLING ME IT’S 3 AMhe says in a loud yet emotional sound.

The subscriber count then finally hit 19 million, as Speed immediately barked and started tearing up. The wholesome moment was enough to make a grown man cry, as the hospitalized streamer could be seen proud of how far he had come. Even though this million-subscriber stream wasn’t the one that fans used to get. However, fans can expect a grand celebration after Speed recovers.


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