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Ludwig says “I streamed on twitch for 11 months” after being excluded from twitch recap

This article talks about the recent incident in which the popular streamer Ludwig was excluded from the twitch yearly recap.

The twitch yearly recap for the year 2021 is out and Ludwig is not on the list. The popular streamer has been excluded from this year’s twitch recap even though he was one of the top streamers for a month this year. He was noted as saying that he streamed on twitch for 11 months and he seemed disappointed that his name was not included in the yearly recap. Why did twitch take this decision to exclude one of their top streamers?

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Ludwig had left twitch

He had recently left twitch to start streaming on YouTube gaming. He had signed an exclusivity deal with YouTube and had hilariously broken his contract after accidentally starting a stream on twitch. Regarding the current incidence, he has said that he felt ‘bummed’ that he wasn’t included in the recap but understood that the decision was taken by twitch from a business perspective.

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Reactions from other streamers and Twitch

DisgustedToast has supported Ludwig and called out Twitch for showing a lack of respect to the streamer who had revolutionized the platform and broken records. Streamer Peter Park has also supported Ludwig and called out Twitch for showing a lack of respect to him. He hoped that this was just an oversight by Twitch and wasn’t intentional in any way. Twitch has yet to make a comment on this issue.

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