“Dephh is overly hated for no reason,” Marved extends support to Sentinels IGL Dephh after much criticism on social media

The Iceman supports his team's IGL after the latter faced backlash from fans.

“Dephh is overly hated for no reason,” Marved extends support to Sentinels IGL Dephh after much criticism on social media

SEN Marved

The newest addition to the Sentinels roster, Marved extended his support to his team’s in-game leader Dephh after the IGL received much hate and criticism from the VALORANT Community. The Iceman shared his views on his IGL on his his recent stream on Twitch when asked a question by one of his viewers.


The in-game leader of the VALORANT super team Sentinels has been receiving a lot of backlash following the team’s poor performance against NRG and Leviatan in the VCT 2023 Americas. Dephh has constantly been on the bottom of his team’s scoreboard this past season and fans have criticized him for it. However his performance is completely reasonable, as he focuses on calling the shots for the team and also takes charge of the more supportive agents like Breach or Kayo.

Rory “dephh” Jackson was a former Counter Strike Global Offensive professional who played for Complexity Gaming. He was previously also the IGL of XSET, leading the team to 2 international appearances at VALORANT tournaments. He was recruited as the IGL of Sentinels at the end of 2022 by the previous head coach SykkoNT who was recently let go by the organization and replaced by Kaplan.

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Marved extends support to team Sentinels IGL Dephh

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In a recent stream, Marved was asked by one of his viewers what his thoughts were on his Sentinels in-game leader dephh after having played with him. The Iceman supported his IGL and said that he has played with IGLs that shut down after losing a few rounds in a professional VALORANT tournament but that is not the case for dephh. He added that dephh calls every round, doesn’t matter whether they have consecutive round losses.

“I swear to God he’s a good IGL,” said Marved. “I think dephh is overly hated for no reason. He’s a good IGL, a good teammate. He doesn’t yell. He calls every round, every round he makes a call.” Although the British IGL is not the only player to receive hate, as even star duelsit of the team Tyson “Tenz” Ngo received criticism from the community for his poor performance in week 4 of the VCT Americas.

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