“The Mask is Coming Off”, Minecraft Streamer Dream Teases Upcoming Face Reveal

We will most likely be seeing what popular Minecraft streamer Dream looks like behind the mask in the near future! Read below to know more.

Dream is all set for a face reveal!

We will most likely be seeing what popular Minecraft content streamer Dream looks like behind his mask. This is following his statement on his YouTube community tab which pretty much directly referred to the fact that Dream would be doing a face reveal, and get back to streaming Minecraft content.

Now we know Dream’s next video is certainly one to keep an eye out on. His fan’s would be dying to get a look at the face behind the mask. He also revealed that there is bound to be more Minecraft Manhunt content in the foreseeable future as well. This could also result in face to face meets, making the day for his fans.

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Dream’s Face Reveal to be Followed With More Minecraft Manhunt Content

"The Mask is Coming Off", Minecraft Streamer Dream Hints Face Reveal With Massive Public Statement!
Dream will bless his fans with more Minecraft Manhunt content

Fans of the Youtube star have been waiting to see the face behind the mask since 2019, when he started making YouTube content on a regular basis and really blew up online. Due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, Dream’s face reveal has been repeatedly postponed. While he never planned being behind a mask the entire time in the first place, facelessness became a signature of the Minecraft creator’s long ago.

Now, after years of waiting and delays, Dream has announced that the reveal of his face is imminent, and fans will soon see their Minecraft star behind the mask for the first time. His next YouTube video is the long-awaited reveal of his face. “My next upload will be me face revealing,” Dream shared on his YouTube community page.

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“The mask has been removed and George has finally moved to Florida with the Dream Team!” Dream’s post he shared on September 19, followed a day after GeorgeNotFound revealed he had finally obtained a visa to move to America. This was the main aspect that prevented Dream from revealing himself earlier. The Minecraft star did not want to reveal his face until his friend GeargeNotFound obtained his Visa and was there to share that special moment with him, which could say a thing or two about the meaning of their friendship.

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Dream has previously said that the Dream Team wants him to attend TwitchCon San Diego, which takes place from October 7th-9th, so hopefully, GeorgeNotFound can get a visa and settle down by then. It is quite possible that Dream’s face reveal could occur on September 23 at the earliest. If not, fans can probably expect it at the event by October 7th.

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