“Why life so hard”, MrBeast explains how Joe Biden interrupted one of his upcoming YouTube video

MrBeast's upcoming video got interrupted by none other than the U.S. president Joe Biden.

“Why life so hard”, MrBeast explains how Joe Biden interrupted one of his upcoming YouTube video

MrBeast (L) and Joe Biden (R)

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s plans to include a blimp in one of his upcoming YouTube videos got foiled by none other than the present American president Joe Biden. The most subscribed YouTube channel owner revealed this during one of his latest tweet.

In his tweet, MrBeast explained that he has been planning to create his next video around a blimp. For those who are unaware about ‘blimp’, it is a small airship or a barrage balloon that is filled with gas. The tweet further claimed that the video centered around blimp is currently locked in due to Joe Biden.

Yes, you read that right, Joe Biden apparently flew into the airport where the blimp was kept which restricted MrBeast and his team to use the premises. The YouTuber explained, “Joe Biden flew into the airport we had it at and the secret service grounded everything and now I don’t have my blimp when I need it. Why life so hard”.

For someone who is surrounded around high security every time, it is not surprising to see the current U.S president visiting the airport where the blimp has been kept. However, to know that this will indirectly effect one of the upcoming videos of the YouTube King, is truly astonishing to see. While the video has not been cancelled, it might be delayed for a few days.

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MrBeast has already hyped up his audience for his upcoming video

"Why life so hard", MrBeast explains how Joe Biden interrupted one of his upcoming YouTube video
Image Credits: Variety

A lot of content creators upload their creation on YouTube, but when it comes to MrBeast, he is always ready to move to any extent possible and deliver the most unique content ever made on the platform. This is going to be reiterated once again as one of his previous tweets claimed that his next video will be nothing like his normal videos.

Taking a quick scan into Jimmy Donaldson’s content, most of them are not considered ‘normal’ due to the content present in the video. Spending 50 hours buried alive and traveling to Antarctica, one of the remotest regions in the world, his videos are always top-notch in terms of content. Therefore, when MrBeast teased something more exciting, fans are barely able to keep their excitement.

The curiosity has increased tenfold when fans were informed about a blimp in the video. As the tweet came a day ago, the YouTuber might have already started working on the video.

Fans react to MrBeast’s tweet

Twitterati went berserk at this tweet as they filled the comment section with some hilarious reactions. Many of them indicated about the perfect timing, while others explained how only MrBeast can have this sort of inconveniences.

Referring to the old content of the YouTuber, one of the fans stated that he should post something which states that the last person to let the blimp’s rope go off, will be able to win it. While the content is not confirmed, it is certainly going to be an entertaining video.

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