Oni 2.0 skin bundle is currently in development in Valorant

Players might finally get the Oni 2.0 skin bundle in the coming future in Valorant.

Oni 2.0 skin bundle is currently in development in Valorant

Valorant is currently the most popular free-to-play FPS game. However, you can spend money on the in-game transaction to buy Valorant points and radianite points, which are later used to buy different in-game items. Primarily, these VPs are used for purchasing weapon skins. Weapon skins are a very popular thing to own in any FPS game. Valorant has many different skin lines currently. Some skins are top tier and some are just straight-up mid.

Valorant releases a 2.0 version bundle for those skin bundles which the community likes and adores very much. There are so many popular skin lines such as Reaver, Prime, Oni, RGX and the list goes on and on. So, Riot Games gave us a 2.0 version for Ion, Reaver, RGX, Prime, Magepunk, and Glitchpop. As you can see, they are yet to release an Oni 2.0 bundle. Oni phantom is regarded as one of the best phantom skins currently in Valorant. So players are eagerly waiting for an Oni Vandal or an operator Oni skin.


Luckily for them, an insider has recently revealed that devs are currently working on the Oni 2.0 skin line in Valorant.

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Everything you need to know about Oni 2.0 in Valorant

Everything you need to know about Oni 2.0 in Valorant
Original Oni skin bundle in Valorant (image via Riot Games)

Famous insider ValorLeaks revealed that players can soon get Oni 2.0 skin bundle. The original Oni skin bundle was released on 22 July 2020, that’s just 50 days after the release of Valorant itself. Apparently, devs took a while to start working on Oni 2.0.


The original Oni skin bundle had skin included:

  • Oni Phantom
  • Oni Guardian
  • Oni Shorty
  • Oni Claw
  • Oni Bucky
  • Oni gun buddy
  • Oni Player card
  • Oni Spray

All these weapon skins are good-looking. You can see an Oni phantom in almost every match. The firing sound, textures, finishers, everything is top-notch for Oni skins. Since the original bundle has a phantom, it goes without saying that Oni 2.0 skin bundle will feature Vandal skin. According to some speculations, the skin bundle might include skin for the judge, operator, and ghost.

Back in October 2022, Vegod, a popular content creator, created a concept art video for Oni 2.0. He also posted an Ion 2.0 concept art and a few months later Riot released the Ion 2.0 bundle. This video included concept art for Vandal and a Japanese katana. The clip went viral and fans like the katana very much.


Valorant always works hard in making skin lines and even harder for the 2.0 bundles. So, It will be interesting to see what Oni 2.0 weapons will look like and what different variants Oni 2.0 will have. As for price goes, it is likely that it will cost 7,100 VPs, the same as the original bundle. The exact date has not been revealed for the release but players can expect this skin bundle to drop in mid-2023.

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