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Pokimane shares disgusting messages she received after making her stand on the overturning of the Roe vs Wade ruling

Pokimane recently shared a screenshot that showed her receiving messages from a stalker about things that disgust almost everyone on the internet. Read more here

Pokimane trolled by the fans over her new hairstyle

Pokimane had recenty opened up about her not being in favour of the Roe vs Wade ruling being overturned in one of her recent streams and looks like there has been some more developments in the matter.

In a tweet on her alternate account, Pokimane shared screenshots of her receiving absolutely disgusting messages from what we perceive is a stalker whose obsession with Poki has gone the wrong way.

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Pokimane shares disgusting message screenshots

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is a Canadian streamer who primarily streams on the amazon owned streaming platform, Twitch where she is also the biggest female creator and one of the biggest on the platform overall.


Imane moved to Canada at the age of four with her mother and started off her streaming career from the country and later moved to LA for better opportunities in her field.

She also boasts one of the biggest fanbases around the world and it is mostly a positive thing except for when a few fans are not good people in general.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys

Recently, Poki had commented on the overturning of the Roe v Wade case which allowed women to have the right to abortion of pregnancies and how the depressing news had made her book a ticket back to Canada where she wished to continue her streaming journey.

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After the comments were out, it would seem that one of the bad apples from the basket of Pokimane fans has poked its head out and stunk up the place with the terrible comments he texted to her.

Pokimane received threatening messages after the Roe v Wade overturning

Pokimane, on her alternate twitter account, tweeted a screenshot of an apparent stalker who had texted her absolutely horrendous texts saying things like “Ready to impregnate you Poki” and “You’re so hot on twitch”.

Along with the attached image, Poki simply attached the vomit emoji which accurately describes how one would feel after receiving such a text.

Similiar cases have risen out after the news of the overturning has been reaching the masses and making thousands of people to protest against the decision of the Supreme Court.

Though Poki hasn’t made any more comments about the situation yet, you can be sure that if she does, we will surely update you with another piece.

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