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Pokimane let’s the “GREAT” Gordan Ramsay take over the stream

Pokimane always finds new ways to keep her fans engaged and entertained. Checkout the article to know more

Well all of this started when Pokimane was usually streaming and engaging and talking with her fans but this time it was not only her who was engaging with her fans but also great British chef Gordan Ramsay. Okay before you all get too excited let me tell you he was not the real one there was just a Normal life size cutout of Gordan Ramsay.

What did Pokimane actually do?

All the fun was going on when a donation chat popped up asking Imane Anys to “just put him in the chair and play some kitchen nightmare on her Pc, he’ll entertain us probably as good as you and won’t even pause a single time”

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This was too much for Imane Anys as her expressions said that she was offended in a light way because of the donation chat, so she did what the user requested and played some kitchen nightmare and went away.

Pokimane let’s the "GREAT" Gordan Ramsay take over the stream 2

After some time she came back and sat on her chair and by mistake the cutout of Gordan Ramsay folded into two pieces to which Pokimane reacted as if really Gordan passed out and she was giving him a emergency first aid CPR.

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