“They did something to make the game easier,” FPS Legend Shroud compares CS2 with CS:GO

The CS:GO veteran expressed his thoughts on how the 2 games differ.

“They did something to make the game easier,” FPS Legend Shroud compares CS2 with CS:GO

Shroud, the popular Twitch streamer and former professional player of CS:GO, recently played Counter-Strike 2. While experiencing the new game, he compared it to his experience playing CS: GO.

In his stream, Shroud shared his thoughts on the differences between the two games. This includes the movement mechanics, shooting, and overall gameplay.

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Shroud points out differences between Counter Strike 2 and CS:GO


One of the main differences that Shroud noticed was the movement mechanics in Counter-Strike 2. “The movement is so much better in this game. Oh my God. You could never do that too. That would literally never be possible it’s funny how to how the same game essentially feels so very different in the movement.” Shroud was particularly impressed with the freedom of movement in CS:GO. This freedom allowed him to move around the map more quickly and fluidly than in Counter-Strike 2.

“CS2 feels damn good in terms of just like clicking heads. Holy does it feel good. It’s like that Valorant level of feel when you’re like clicking heads and you’re just like you know in this game you don’t get that same, you know, in CS:GO.” Shroud also compared the shooting mechanics in the two games. While he acknowledged that the shooting in CS: GO was superior, he was impressed with the shooting in Counter-Strike 2. Shroud noted that the feeling of clicking heads in Counter-Strike 2 was similar to the feeling he got in Valorant.

Another difference that Shroud noticed was the difficulty level between the two games. He noted that Counter-Strike 2 felt easier than CS: GO, suggesting that the game developers had added some sort of aim assist to the guns in Counter-Strike 2. However, Shroud found the map design in Counter-Strike 2 to be confusing, stating that he had never been so lost on a map before.

Despite these criticisms, Shroud enjoyed his time playing Counter-Strike 2 and appreciated the differences between the two games despite their apparent similarity. He noted that Counter-Strike 2 felt like a refreshing change of pace from CS: GO and that he would be interested in playing more of the game in the future.

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