Top 5 Best professions for Villagers in Minecraft!

Here is a list of the the 5 best professions for Villagers in Minecraft this patch!

Villagers in Minecraft
Villagers in Minecraft (image via.

Minecraft has a variety of mobs that populate the land in all the three accessible dimensions of the game. Here are the top 5 Best professions for Villagers in Minecraft.

Minecraft mobs are based on their interaction to players as some may attack on sight and other chose peace. Among these mobs, the Villagers are the most useful to the players and also the most humanlike. These can trade with players and give players useful items like food, tools and more. Moreover, the Villagers will choose their own profession in the game and their trade changes based on their jobs.

5 best professions for Villagers in Minecraft


Villagers in Minecraft
Librarian Villagers in Minecraft (image via.

The Librarians are one of the best villager professions in the game as they have a rare chance of selling Enchanted Books. Enchanted Books are one of the most rare items in the game which can be used to enchant tools and armor items to make them stronger. The rarity of the item they sell, make them a great valued profession. Players can also get Emeralds by giving them paper, which is quite easy to get.

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Villagers in Minecraft

The Cartographer may not seem like a good profession at first, but we assure you it has its own uses. Normally they sell blank maps and paper which are okay but not great for the Emerald cost. However, upon levelling up they have a rare chance of selling a Map to the Woodland Mansion!

The Woodland mansion is the rarest structure in the game and can be next to impossible to find without the map.


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The Cleric is magical villager which can give out several mysterious items and rare elements. They sell Ender Pearls, redstone dust, glowstone dust and also some great enchanting potions and potion ingredients.


Villagers in Minecraft
Villagers in Minecraft: Fletcher (image via. Minecraft)

The fletcher is a strange Villager which can be transformed only with the use of a Fletching Table. This Villager will sell only arrows to the players along with flint and feathers. However, this one is especially great because they sell tipped arrows which can have a variety of strong effects and can help to kill strong mobs.


Villagers in Minecraft
Farmers (image via.

The farmer might seem to be the most normal out of all the others in the list but it has its own perks. They can be a source of great food items like bread, fruits and more. Moreover, they can also sell exotic food items like Cookies and Cakes.

These are the top 5 best professions for Villagers in Minecraft.

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