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Top 5 worst weapons in BGMI

BGMI is filled a lot of weapons, some of which are not used much by the players. Here are the top 5 worst weapons in BGMI.

Worst weapons in BGMI (Ranked)

Weapon is the primary aspect of any battle-royale game and BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India is not an exception. The game consists weapons which deal whopping damage whereas others are avoided by players. Here we discuss some of the worst weapons in BGMI.

As mentioned earlier, weapons are a crucial part of an action game even if you are a player who mainly focuses on survival. From Assault Rifles (AR) to Pistols, the game has a diversified collection of weapons and not every weapon is worth using. Players look for aspects such as high damage and recoil control to find their ideal weapon and some weapons, both old and new mentioned in this article are some of the worst weapons in BGMI released till date.

5 worst weapons in BGMI

1) Win94


Win94 or Winchester is a bolt action sniper rifle in the game that is avoided by the players due to its low base damage. The sniper uses the .45 ACP ammunition which can be easily found, however, the low damage stats and the unchangeable scope compel the players to avoid this weapon.

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2) Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant is another sniper that was released in the game few days ago. Players are generally excited to use new weapons, however, that was not the case with Mosin Nagant. The sniper provides a base damage of 79, but players prefer to stick with the old ones such as Kar98 and the beast weapon AWM.

3) MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant is one of the worst weapons in BGMI. It provides the highest damage for an Assault Rifle, however, players give it a skip as the weapon can only be used in the burst firing mode. This weapon should only be picked up if players are encountering a lot of enemies when they land on a hot drop.

4) VSS


VSS is known as the silent killer in the game as when you shoot towards the enemy, the weapon does not make any noise. It comes with a pre-equipped scope and has a very low damage rate. Players avoid the weapon in both close and long range fights as it can only store 20 bullets in a single round.

5) Sawed Off

Sawed Off

Shotguns are generally known to provide a heavy base damage, therefore, some veterans prefer to use this category of weapons during close range combats. However, Sawed Off is never used by the players as it can only store two bullets at one round and takes a long time to reload.

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