Valkyrae discloses the BIGGEST regret of her stardom life

Valkyrae discloses the BIGGEST regret of her stardom life

Valkyrae shares her biggest regret

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter is a globally popular streamer who got to feature on the Times Square billboard but this ‘stardom’ has caused her to have some regrets as well. During a recent podcast under 100 Thieves cast, the streamer disclosed her biggest regret till date and surprisingly it’s not a missed ‘collab’ or investment opportunity.

The co-owner of famous American eSports organization ‘100 Thieves’, Valkyrae has been appearing in several podcasts as well as hosting her own ‘Q and A’ video that allows fans to see her out-of-streaming side.

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Valkyrae explains how ‘toxic relationships’ affected her streaming career

Valkyrae discloses the BIGGEST regret of her stardom life
Rachell ‘Valkyare’ Hofstetter

The 30-year-old YouTuber recently returned from New York where she had a gala time with her friends such as Fuslie and Sykkuno. She also made a surprising revelation that she has been named as the brand ambassador of Gymshark after fans found her featuring in Times Square billboard.

This was followed by a podcast named ‘Thats what she said’ hosted for the 100 Thieves cast. Rae talked about multiple aspects such as her appearance at the billboard, her opinion on Froste who recently accused 100 Thieves of being a predatory organization. Apart from this, she shared what was her biggest regret during her streaming career.

Looking back into her memories, Valkyrae had an instant answer as she stated that staying in a toxic relationship was one of her biggest regret throughout her streaming career. She was quoted saying-

"Okay, um, my biggest regret, its the first thing I thought of is probably staying in a really toxic relationship throughout my career and seeing it get more and more toxic and not having the strength to leave it sooner."

The YouTuber has previously talked about her toxic relationships when she was asked what kind of a boyfriend she would ask for. Reiterating the statements, she stated that she had been in relationships with guys who would make her feel bad about her success and that was quite ‘toxic’ according to her.

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Furthermore she revealed how these regretful relationships took an impact on her career as she was not able to collaborate with big names while streaming. She shared with her fans that she wonders what would she be like if she had been single and focusing on her career instead of being ‘judged and compared’ in her relationship.

Valkyrae also had an advice for her fans as she asserted that one should always listen to their family or friends as they can see things from a different perspective.

While the streamer hasn’t talked about her current relationship status, fans will definitely want her to get into a healthy relationship. In any case, Rae has been moving forward in her career ever since she joined YouTube this year.

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