Valkyrae Teases Exciting Music Project In 2022 During Her Latest Stream

Valkyrae likes to be in headlines as always and this time she has teased her fans about her new upcoming project. Checkout the article to know more about her upcoming project.

It’s time for a big collaboration! In the latest live stream, Rachell Hofstetter, popularly known as Valkyrae, talked about an upcoming collaboration in 2022. Apparently, they have been talking about the collaboration and it may arrive sooner than expected.

Valkyrae Net Worth in 2021: Youtube Channel, Awards won, and more
Valkyra Net Worth in 2021: Youtube Channel, Awards won, and more

This is certainly exciting for all the Valkyrae fans out there, who really want her to try new things out. Way back during her twitch days, Valkyrae used to collaborate a lot with top streamers like  Cizzorz, Myth, and also Pokimane. She also gets featured on multiple among us games with Pokimane, Corpse, Sykunno, Toast, PewDiePie, etc

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Valkyrae on her next big collaborations

Giving her current updates, Valkyrae said, “ that I have started for this new year, I have been talking to Bruden and Wendy about making a song. So I think we are going to… I think we were in the process when they were both super down. So we probably start working on that for funzzis. Probably not anything too crazy, but you know in original, I think it would be kinda fun to try.”

According to Valkyra, the collaboration is in its early stages so fans may have to wait a bit longer to get an official update/announcement on the song. Not only this, but Valkyra is also trying out new investment programs.

Valkyrae feature new years
Valkyrae talked about her new year’s resolution

Valkyrae is considered to be the Queen of YouTube for a reason. On her fantastic journey to the top, she has faced a lot of setbacks and issues, but she never gave up. Way back in July 2021, she also moved out to live independently alone.

It definitely seems like Valkyrae is more focused on trying new things, investments, and collaboration in this new year. Are you excited about this upcoming song collaboration? Let us know in the comments below

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