NAVI vs LOUD Valorant Champions 2023: Defending Champions LOUD makes their way to playoffs after a hard-fought battle

LESS goes big, NAVI goes home

NAVI vs LOUD Valorant Champions 2023: Defending Champions LOUD makes their way to playoffs after a hard-fought battle

The Valorant Champions Tour is coming to an end this year, with its last tournament currently running its course. Valorant Champions 2023 has been nothing short of a spectacle. With multiple compelling storylines along with a lot of highly exciting games, the Riot script is immaculate. The Group D lower bracket qualifiers between Loud and NAVI transpired last night and witnessed the best match of the tournament so far.

NAVI vs LOUD was the highly anticipated match for many reasons. Brazilian defending champions LOUD against the EMEA veterans NAVI was also a matchup between 2 cracked Jetts Aspas vs. cNed. Both of these players have already won Valoranat Champions in their decorated careers. The match delivered on fans’ expectations, going all the way with Defending champions LOUD coming on top.

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LOUD Sends NAVI home in a close Match

NAVI vs LOUD Valorant Champions 2023: Defending Champions LOUD Through To Playoffs

Defending Champions LOUD were coming after their win against Team Liquid in the Group D elimination match. On the other hand, NAVI was coming after a loss from the upper bracket qualifier against DRX. The match started with NAVI’s pick Pearl which is an unusual pick for an EMEA team who are known for not playing the map. The map was a really close affair ending 11-13 for NAVI. cNed Jett diffed Aspas having an ACS of 246 compared to Aspas’s 162.

On LOUD’s pick Ascent, NAVI went for the off-meta Fade pick. It led to some interesting rounds but Cauanzin on LOUD showed why Sova is the meta choice. He had a rating of 1.41 and the match ended 13-11 in favour of LOUD. Finally, with the scores levelled both teams headed onto the deciding map BIND. LOUD went for a bizarre comp of three controllers which took everyone by surprise while NAVI went for a double duelist comp with cNed on NEON.

With tension running high, the map delivered on the decider. Again ending on a 13-11 score, LOUD completed the comeback securing the playoff Spot. LOUD Less put up an unfair performance dropping 28 kills with just 12 deaths. He single-handedly turned the course of the match. NAVI’s Shao did not perform to his potential and had an overall bad series.

Even though no maps went overtime, the match was very exciting because of the very similar playstyles of the team. Both teams like to pick off-meta comps and throw other teams from anti-stratting them. LOUD is now in title contention after surviving the group of death but a major concern still remains with the form of their Star Duelist Aspas. NAVI has a lot to contemplate and look back at its year. They have not been able to fully integrate cNed into their Chaotic team structure but might run it back another year being Optimistic.

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