Top 5 players to lookout for in Valorant Champions 2023

The Valorant Champions 2023 is almost here and there are players that are bound to display extraordinary performance on this grand stage!

Top 5 players to lookout for in Valorant Champions 2023

The Valorant Champions 2023 are slowly approaching, and teams are gearing up for the same. There has been a lot going on during this VCT 2023 season. From newer teams demolishing famous organizations and Chinese players like ZmjjKK completely owning other teams, fans witnessed quite a lot. And with the Valorant Champions 2023 on its way, fans are expecting more such unexpected moments. Moreover, there are players that everyone needs to look out for!


This VCT 2023 season has been spectacular so far. Fans saw teams performing way above expectations despite having little to no experience. Furthermore, some famous organizations that fans had bet on performed miserably. However, the fun isn’t ending anytime soon. The team roster for the upcoming Valorant Champions 2023 final event is really promising.

And with the best of the best teams from around the globe gearing up for the final bout, this event is going to be a much bigger spectacle to watch. There are many promising players that fans are looking out for and know will do wonders during the Riot Games‘ hosted Champions 2023.

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Top 5 players to look for during the Valorant Champions 2023

Top 5 players to lookout for in Valorant Champions 2023
Snippet from Ticking Away (credits: Riot Games Music)

With the final and major VCT 2023 event approaching at full throttle, every player is gearing up. The Valorant Champions 2023 is going to be a fierce battle of wits and skills. Moreover, the qualified teams for this event propose a promising lineup. So fans are excited to see Pro Valorant give it their all and wreak havoc on this grand stage. Let’s see which players may shine brighter than others during this last bout of the year!

1. ZmjjKK a.k.a KangKang

(credits: Liquipedia)

This VCT season has been a golden one so far for the Chinese Valorant teams. Moreover, the jewel that shines the most amongst them is ZmjjKK, aka KangKang of Edward Gaming. This Jett-Operator demon showed every player during the Masters Tokyo that China is not a region to be taken lightly. Famed for his Operator shots, this Valorant Pro outperformed most Valorant Pro players during the VCT 2023 season. And fans should expect more from this gem of a player during the Valorant Champions 2023.

2. Demon1

EG Demon1
(credits: Liquipedia)

After 2 years of non-stop disappointments, Evil Geniuses has taken over the Valorant eSports scene this season. From not getting into any major to making it to the grand finals of Masters Tokyo, EG has come far. And the one famed for EG’s spectacular success is none other than Demon1. This killing machine almost dropped 100 frags during the lower finals of Master Tokyo against Paper Rex. And he’s going to wreak more havoc during the Valorant Champions 2023.

3. Derke

FNC Derke
(credits: Liquipedia)

Winning not just the LOCK/IN São Paulo but also the Master Tokyo, Fnatic has performed beyond expectations. This has been a golden season for Fnatic so far. And fan-favorite Derke hasn’t disappointed fans with his performance. Suffering no loss during their Masters Tokyo run, Derke has shined beyond radiance. This duelist player for Fnatic has given the team all the support they needed and won games upon games for them. So will this run continue during the Champions? Fans will have to wait and see.



(credits: Liquipedia)

Considering Fnatic’s impeccable run throughout the VCT 2023 season, having one more player from their roster on this list doesn’t seem out of place. However, Leo is an underrated pick. Opposite of Derke’s offensive play, this support player has helped his team whenever they found themselves in a ditch. Balancing the right amount of frag with support, Leo has been the supporting pillar for Fnatic during their VCT 2023 season. And he’s going to continue to do so during the Valorant Champions 2023.

5. Aspas

LOUD Aspas
(credits: Liquipedia)

Despite LOUD’s VCT 2023 season not being great at all, they are still the current Champions title holders. Moreover, Aspas was the star player that got them the Champions 2022 trophy. This 20-year-old Valorant Pro player has been the team’s best player and has won many achievements. Fans are hoping for the player to gear up thoroughly for the Valorant Champions 2023 and defend their title in the last fierce bout!

Honorable Mentions:

Although all these were some of the greatest players, there are still players that fans need to look out for! Some of these players are:

  • F0rsaken [Paper Rex]
  • Whzy [Bilibili Gaming]
  • Chronicle [Fnatic]
  • Alfajar [Fnatic]
  • Boostio [Evil Geniuses]

This was a list of the top 5 players who will give fans a display of extraordinary skills and give other teams a fierce fight. The Valorant Champions 2023 is about to start, so gear up for some amazing battle of skills and wits!


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