Valorant upcoming Patch 6.10 Biggest Change: The Spray Wheel is coming to Valorant

This new feature will be available after the upcoming patch 6.10 rolls out.

Valorant upcoming Patch 6.10 Biggest Change: The Spray Wheel is coming to Valorant

Valorant is the most recent successful addition to the competitive FPS game genre. Riot Games, the developers of Valorant, really incorporated a lot into this game. Ideally unique game mechanics. Besides its unique in-game mechanics, the game’s cosmetics market is excessively huge. From live animation gun skins to knife skins, Valorant doesn’t disappoint with its in-game items.

Also, there’s another essential and fun in-game item in Valorant called Spray. Different shapes and sizes characterize these sprays; some are animated and live, while others are static images. Players can select three sprays from their inventory, each only usable in different phases of the. game. Riot Games recently revealed that it will roll out a new feature for Sprays in Valorant’s upcoming patch 6.10. Players can select 4 different sprays on three other wheels using a spray wheel to use in the different phases of game rounds.

Valorant is a unique addition to the FPS genre. Players can choose in-game characters called Agents, each with their own specialty and special abilities. The game has multiple game modes, with its ranked mode being a search & destroy, but not your average search & destroy! It’s a 5v5 where players each have to select a particular agent.

All these agents have their own unique and various abilities. Players need to utilize these abilities to either deploy acalled’spike’ in any particular site on the game map or protect these sites by obstructing the deployment of these spikes or defusing them. Valorant requires players to be quick on their feet so they can form strategies to throw off their enemies. These strategies incorporate a huge spectrum of abilities and also very precise gun gameplay.

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Valorant’s current spray meta

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I’m looking forward to this new feature, as it would finally allow players to use multiple sprays in a single game. This has given players a chance to flex the different and rare sprays they have in their inventory. Considering the popularity of the game’s cosmetic market, Valorant’s upcoming patch 6.10’s new feature is a delight for players. Also, most sprays are attainable by buying the battle pass. So this new feature, which offers a wider selection of sprays, will boost the purchase of the Battle Pass.

Almost every game, from Call of Duty to CS:GO, utilizes the spray feature ithesegames give players a wide variety of selections. In CS:GO, players can choose almost every game they have in their inventory to utilize. And Call of Duty already has a very well-defined spray wheel in-game. So a new spray-wheel feature in Valorant would be very well received by players.

The other changes in Valorant’s upcoming patchare.10 are still under speculation, but the spray wheel feature alone makes this update a huge one. Also, along with the spray wheel update, players can now sort through their sprays through a simple search bar. This feature is a blessing from Valorant, as navigating through the myriad of owned items was too hectic for players. We can expect better features in upcoming updates.

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