“Speed is literally useless,” xQc calls iShowSpeed a “non-factor” ahead of the upcoming Sidemen Charity Match 2023

The streamer was very vocal about his disinterest with iShowSpeed's involvement.

“Speed is literally useless,” xQc calls iShowSpeed a “non-factor” ahead of the upcoming Sidemen Charity Match 2023

xQc and iShowSpeed

The streaming sensation xQc has always been known for his candid and often humorous commentary, and his recent remarks about fellow YouTuber and streamer iShowSpeed have added some extra spice to the excitement surrounding the Sidemen Charity Match 2023. As the date for this highly anticipated charity football event draws near, xQc didn’t hold back during a recent livestream when discussing the opposing team’s lineup. While dissecting the roster, he labeled iShowSpeed as a “non-factor,” igniting a spirited debate among fans and fellow content creators.


The Sidemen Charity Match has become an annual tradition eagerly awaited by fans worldwide. Hosted by the Sidemen, a British YouTube collective comprising KSI, Miniminter, TBJZL, Behzinga, Zerkaa, and Vikkstar123, the event brings together popular YouTubers, streamers, and influencers to compete in a friendly yet competitive football match. The goal is to raise substantial sums of money for various charitable causes. In the past, these matches have garnered immense attention and generous contributions to charity.

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xQc calls iShowSpeed “useless” in the Sidemen Charity Match

xQc calls iShowSpeed a "non-factor" ahead of the upcoming Sidemen Charity Match 2023
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During a recent live stream, xQc took a closer look at the lineup for the opposing team in the upcoming Sidemen Charity Match. Among the players on the opposing squad were notable content creators such as JiDion, Niko, Chunkz, Karl, and iShowSpeed. When his chat inquired about iShowSpeed, xQc didn’t mince words, stating, “Speed is useless. I watched last year’s chat; it’s a non-factor. I watched last year; he wasn’t even playing the game.”


These comments immediately sparked a discussion among fans and the broader gaming and YouTube communities. Many viewers and supporters of iShowSpeed defended him, while others questioned xQc’s assessment of his skills on the football pitch. The controversy surrounding xQc’s remarks has only added to the buzz surrounding the charity match, as fans eagerly anticipate the clash between the two teams.

With the controversy ignited by xQc’s remarks, the anticipation for the Sidemen Charity Match 2023 has grown even stronger. Fans are eager to see if xQc’s assessment of iShowSpeed holds up or if the underdog will defy expectations and prove his skills on the field. The match, slated for a few weeks from now, is sure to be watched closely by gaming and YouTube enthusiasts, and it’s likely to generate a significant amount of charitable donations as well.

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