xQc saves Kai Cenat from having the ‘Dr DisRespect’ incident on Twitch

xQc became the a savior as he was able to help Kai Cenat from getting banned on Twitch.

xQc saves Kai Cenat from having the ‘Dr DisRespect’ incident on Twitch

Kai Cenat and xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Kai Cenat’s trip to the Universal Studios theme park has provided us with a lot of entertaining content. From hanging out a bit in Kai’s house to helping him avoid the infamous ‘Dr DisRespect’ incident on Twitch, xQc has done it all.


To add more fun to his 30-day subathon, Kai has been inviting renowned content creators on his stream. After KSI, the former Overwatch professional player decided to join him for a day’s trip. Kai’s cameramen made sure to film the whole IRL stream.

However, when the 21-year-old content creator was about to enter the washroom, his cameraman accidentally entered with the live camera. “Somebody asked me the temperature in bathroom is crazy,” Kai asked his team to follow him but xQc restricted them.

Although Felix’s voice becomes unclear here, viewers got a general idea that the streamer asked them to stop the stream. Soon after, a background voice came which said, “Go to the view”. Thus, the Canadian streamer swiftly avoided a mishap.


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What is the Dr DisRespect incident that xQc and Kai avoid?

xQc saves Kai Cenat from having the 'Dr DisRespect' incident on Twitch
Image Credits: xQc clips/ YouTube

Herschel ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm has been a controversial internet personality since the last years. He is largely known for his aggressive behavior especially when he is playing Call of Duty. Apart from that, his most notorious incident till date is his ‘bathroom filming’ incident.

For those unaware about the incident, The Doc was massively called out by other streamers and the community for taking his live camera into a public restroom. He had been attending the E3 expo at California, when he decided to keep the stream on even when he entered the restroom.

Shortly after, Twitch placed a suspension on his account. Additionally, his account got permanently banned a year later but his viewers are confused whether the ban took place due to the same incident.


In a similar fashion, Kai Cenat was at the verge of getting banned. It was only when xQc warned his cameramen to stop and change the camera angle of the live stream.

Fan reactions

xQc’s clip of saving Kai Cenat from getting banned has been garnering much attention on YouTube. The video uploaded by xQc clips has so far gained more than 151K views where fans have given out the following reactions

Kai Cenat’s Mafiathon has been a major success until now. The American content creator has been able to surpass more than 200K subscribers on Twitch and hence breaking a record.

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