Free Fire gets removed from Google Playstore

This article talks about why Free Fire was also removed from Google Playstore after being removed from the Apple App store

Free Fire was taken down from Google Playstore
Free Fire was taken down from Google Playstore

In an unexpected event Free Fire was recently removed from the Google Playstore as well. Previously it was removed from the Apple App store and players were up in arms against Garena asking them to release a statement for the same. Players are anxious whether it is going to be the next PUBG and be banned for being too addictive. Garena’s response to the ban hasn’t been helpful either as they haven’t said much.

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What has Garena said about this so far?

Garena is yet to issue an official statement
Garena is yet to issue an official statement

What is making the players of this game even more anxious is the fact that Garena hasn’t issued any public statements regarding this removal. The last unofficial statement made was a comment on the Free Fire Facebook group when people complained about not finding the game on the Apple App store. “We’re aware about the issue and getting it investigated. In the meantime, please share your Network Provider name and also if you’re using mobile data or Wi-Fi to launch the game” the comment read.

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Why is this happening?

There are many speculations regarding this but there are three main theories that are circulating on the internet. The first one talks about Krafton’s Lawsuit against Garena, many belive that Krafton won the Lawsuit and Garena is being forced to remove the game from the online stores.

The second one believes that Free Fire has been banned due to the same reason PUBG was banned a few years ago, because of the addicting nature of the game and how that had become a major issue for the youth. The third and less serious one is that after the recent update some glitch has caused the game to be pulled from all online stores. Nothing can be said for certain until Garena releases an official public statement as its Twitter accounts have been silent

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