“I can see right through the plan” Disguised Toast’s almost perfect plan if foiled by xChocoBars

This article talks about how Disguised Toast would have gotten away with his master plan had it not been for Janet.

Disguised Toast and xChocoBars
Disguised Toast and xChocoBars

Disguised Toast is known for being the master of trolling and deception as it can be seen in his games of Among us. He could trick his fellow streamers into believing that the imposter was someone else resulting in many rounds where the majority of his kills were ejections. This earned him a reputation of being one of the best Among us players out there. This time he tried to use his abilities while playing Valorant and this plan did not work out so well for him thanks to XChocoBars.

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What was Disguised Toast’s plan?

Janet figured out that Toast set the entire thing up so he could kill steal
Janet figured out that Toast set the entire thing up so he could kill steal

They were in a match of Valorant in a 5v1 situation having the man advantage. The enemy Skye managed to take out two on their team leaving them in a 3v1 situation instead. “Don’t kill him” Toast told everyone else as the timer ticked to 10 seconds the Skye was forced to go for the plant running past Janet, Toast and JummyChu. They won the round because the timer ran out and Toast managed to take out the Skye.

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What did Janet do?

“You Just want the kill” Janet accused Toast of planning the whole thing out to get one kill. After this point he began to justify the plan that he had laid out, obviously trying to hide the true motive behind it. It wasn’t convincing enough and everyone began siding with Janet as they realised what Disguised Toast’s true intentions were.

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