“I like this account more” Valkyrae gets horribly roasted by Valkyrae on twitter

This article talks about how Valkyrae found a post on Reddit where screenshots of her tweets showed her having a conversation with herself.

Valkyrae ended up roasting herself on Twitter
Valkyrae ended up roasting herself on Twitter

Valkyrae is one of the most popular YouTube streamers in the world. This is because of her seemingly amazing balance between mature and level head and her impish sense of humour which brings out the child in her, all while being admirably genuine. This makes for a perfect personality when it comes to streaming and audiences everywhere love her. This quirkiness of hers sometimes results in hilarious moments like the one that occurred recently

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What was Valkyrae looking at?

Her audience brought her to Reddit and on to the subreddit of r/Valkyrae where people makes memes about her and there she found an interesting post. It was a post containing several tweets in which she was replying to herself using her main account and her secondary account.

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How did Valkyrae react to this?

“Compilation of Rae replying to Rae” she read the title of the post and laughed, “wait a minute”. She read the first tweet in which her secondary account tweeted whether anyone was there to work out with her to which her primary account replied that it was her. “Honestly, I went. I was there for me” she said as she lightly flipped her hair and she also said that she liked her primary account more.

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