“If they knew” Logan paul’s amazing defence of Lana Rhoades’ baby

This article talks about how Logan Paul defended Lana Rhoades' baby when people started showering it with bad comments.

Logan paul and Lana Rhoades
Logan Paul and Lana Rhoades

Logan Paul is known to be the all-around wholesome manchild. He has done things in the past which would be considered utterly stupid and uncivilized. But if there is one thing he was good at was reshaping his image when he realised that no one liked how he was behaving. This growth is completely visible when he decided to defend Lana Rhoades’ baby from haters only who began showering the child with bad comments

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What did Lana Rhoades say about her baby?

Lana Rhoades gave birth to a child recently and the whole internet was buzzing with the news. This news reached Logan’s podcast where his friend Mike Maljak said “Today not only did I turn 37, but our good friend Lana Rhoades had a child” after which the entire podcast started clapping. Mike further added that many people suspected that he was the father of her child (who is still undisclosed) and then proceeded to deny having any involvement in the same

Lana Rhoades had a child recently
Lana Rhoades had a child recently

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Why did Logan Paul defend her child?

“He’s gonna get bullied in high school” Mike said as he put into context what the TikTokers of the world believed the baby would go through for being his child. “Let me tell you something” Logan Paul said after Mike “If they knew who the kid’s dad was let me tell you something. That f*cking kid ain’t getting bullied”. The rest of the podcast seemed to agree with that statement which brings into question who the child’s father really is. Judging by the statements made in the podcast he seems like someone who has a lot of power and influence.

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