“This is such a fun game guys” Sykkuno gives his honest review of Elden Ring

This article talks about what Sykkuno thinks about the latest game by FromSoftware going by the name of Elden ring.

Sykkuno played Elden ring
Sykkuno played Elden ring

Elden ring is the new Action RPG by FromSoftware the creators of the extremely popular series Dark Souls. Sykkuno was among the Twitch streamers who got early access to the game and it has become the streaming hype right now as streamers such as Valkyrae and Disguised Toast pick up the game. Sykkuno was the fastest to review the game and he had some pretty strong words that could influence the gaming community.

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What is Elden Ring?

The story of Elden ring was written by George R.R. Martin
The story of Elden ring was written by George R.R. Martin

Elden ring is a new souls-like game by the same studio that made Dark souls. The game has the same notorious difficulty that Dark souls is known for. What’s more, is that the story is written by George R R Martin who is known to everyone as the author behind the worldwide phenomenon that was Game of Thrones.

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What did Sykkuno think about the game?

It seemed like Sykkuno was fighting what appeared to be a boss. Dark souls bosses are notorious for killing the players in as few as three hits and this one was made in their image. Sykkuno desperately tried to dodge the attacks from the pattern that he had learnt, even then he failed and got killed with relative ease. “This is such fun guys!” he said sarcastically commenting on the difficulty of the game.

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