“You’ve played risk right?” xQc and Destiny talk about the Russia and Ukraine situation

This article talks about how on a recent stream Destiny explained the Russia-Ukraine situation to xQc using a Risk analogy.

xQc and Destiny
xQc and Destiny

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has unexpectedly begun and it has reached the voices on Twitter. This means it has also reached Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and the entire Twitch streaming community which is multi-national in nature. Most of the Twitch community is in an uproar against the act of aggression that has taken the world by surprise. Many streamers have voiced their strong opinions on the topic, but on xQc’s stream Destiny explained the entire complex geopolitical scenario using a simple analogy.

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What did Destiny tell xQc?

Destiny explained the situation to xQc using a Risk analogy
Destiny explained the situation to xQc using a Risk analogy

“Why don’t they all become together?” he asked Destiny while talking in his typical fast-paced speech. “Join NATO?” Destiny asked to clarify, “because Russia doesn’t want that”. Then he further elaborated on the agreements and the underlying treaties present in the situation. Then he realised that Lengyel might not understand is so he decided to draw an analogy to simplify the situation.

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How did xQc react to this analogy?

“Have you ever played risk?” Destiny asked xQc and he replied that he loves risk. Destiny explained using an analogy using the troop movements and placements in risk and it seemed that Lengyel was slowly grasping the entire situation. After he fully understood it he proceeded to re-explain it to Destiny to check if he understood it right.

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