What does Storm Flip do in Fortnite? How to get and its uses

The Storm Flip has finally returned with the Fortnite OG Season X. So here are the uses and location of this utility to enj

What does Storm Flip do in Fortnite? How to get and its uses

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 has taken players back to Fortnite Chapter 1, also known as Season OG. The update has left players reminiscing in nostalgia as Epic Games has brought back many old gameplay mechanics and items, such as the Hoverboard. Epic Games has re-added the original POIs, OG Graphics, and everything that will take players back in time. One such item is the Storm Flip, that has now been re-added in Fortnite.


Epic Games has also unvaulted many weapons and items that were part of the first chapter but were vaulted from the game. The Storm Flip is a consumable item of epic rarity. It was initially added to the game in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 9.

Storm Flip Uses & Location

The Storm Flip in Fortnite can be found on ground loot, in chests, or in supply drops. The easiest way to get your hands on one of these is to head towards a major POI on the map, such as Pleasant Park or Retail Row, where several chests are located close to each other. The item can be found as a black bottle with a lightning bolt design on its exterior and storm belts emerging from the mouth of the bottle along with the purple aura of an epic item.

Storm Flip Fortnite
Image via: Epic Games

The Storm Flip has two different uses in Fortnite. The item can create a makeshift storm in the middle of the map. All enemies inside the Storm Flip’s area of effect will receive the same damage as the current damage of the storm. Alternatively, throwing the item inside of the pre-existing storm will prevent you from taking damage if you step into its area of effect.


To use the item, you can select the item in your loadout and throw it out onto the floor. Deploying and creating a large sphere around you will take a few seconds. This sphere is the area where your enemies will take damage, or you will be prevented from taking damage. The area-of-effect lasts for 20 seconds and will disappear afterwards.

The storm flip is highly effective when used correctly but requires understanding the storm in Fortnite. Epic Games has made it such that the item has a max stack of only one to balance its effectiveness. Thus, it requires a large inventory space to carry multiple of these.

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