“Even being myself was considered to be different,” Serena Williams opens up about dealing with unfair treatment on account of being an African-American tennis player

The World No.11 sheds light on the unjust path our society continues to tread on.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams
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Serena Williams

The 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams, didn’t always have the following she does now. Inspite of being one of the most talked about and highest paid female athletes for years, the American has dealt with more than her fair share of troubles, most of which stemmed from a racial disadvantage that our society mindlessly indulges in. 

Williams has long been an up standing figure for the African-American community. She has repeatedly pointed out the inequalities she experienced in her profession. Most recently, the U.S Open 2020 champion, Naomi Osaka, deemed Serena, “an icon,” when referring to the positive change she has been at the helm of. 

Recently, Serena gave an insight into the challenges that she faced during her rise in a sport which was generally considered to be “for whites.

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How Serena dealt with the challenges

Serena WIlliams - FirstSportz
Serena Williams

In an interview with Kelly Clarkson, Serena stated, “There were so many adversities that I had to overcome. Even being myself was considered to be different. In particular, the world of tennis is a sport where no one looks like me. And at least at the beginning you can’t really express yourself. It seems like a really bad thing to me. There is a double standard in everything we do. But unfortunately this is the society we live in and it takes several generations to change.” 

Williams is agreed upon by the majority to be one of toughest fighters the sporting world has seen. The 39-year-old has beat the odds a myriad of times whilst displaying the highest quality of tennis. Further, she has had an almost three decade long career wherein she recognised the kinks in the mechanism, and beat it by being authentic. 

Serena continued, “I think the most important part is to always be yourself and always be a humble and kind person. And that’s the best I can do. In the end, I really feel like things have come together at some point. I’m just trying to be just the best person I can be.”

The tennis champ is looking to level up with Margaret Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam titles. Hence, she’ll continue her bid for the same at the Australian Open 2021

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