Christian Horner claims Red Bull ‘accommodated’ Adrian Newey’s way of working over the years

Adrian Newey will leave the Red Bull stable in 2025 after an almost two-decade-long alliance with the team.

Christian Horner claims Red Bull ‘accommodated’ Adrian Newey’s way of working over the years

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey (via IMAGO)

Red Bull and Adrian Newey have been synonymous of each other for a long time. The 65-year-old’s masterpieces have won a staggering 13 world championships for the Austrian giant and both have grown to be interdependent for their monumental success. Subsequently, Christian Horner has given an insight into the high reliability of the two parties on each other and how one adapted to the other’s work ethic.


Adrian Newey joined Red Bull in 2006 with a vision to bring glory to the Austrian constructor, who had joined the F1 grid just a year prior. The Brit had a vast record of world championships behind him and was known for his intricate designs. Moreover, such designs brought him immense success, and as the F1 landscape evolved, everyone expected that Newey’s way of designing would get modernised too.

On the contrary, Christian Horner revealed that the 65-year-old still used traditional methods to prepare his masterpieces.

We had a structure that evolved around Adrian [Newey], over the years, that was able to accommodate the way that he works. He's the only designer in Formula 1 that works still on our drawing board. But of course, as the regulations have become tighter and tighter, and Adrian's role has evolved and developed within the team over the last years, others have had to step up.
Christian Horner said in an interview with RacingNews365

The 50-year-old stated that the structure in Red Bull’s F1 base evolved around Newey’s preference. The Englishman still used drawing boards to visualise his ideas, and Horner revealed that Red Bull accommodated his way of working to make him feel at ease. Subsequently, this hassle proved to be worth it, as his designs brought the team major success in F1 and made them a huge force to be reckoned with.

Christian Horner still friends with Adrian Newey after the latter’s Red Bull departure

While internal turmoil within Red Bull has been deemed by many as the reason behind Newey deciding to officially end his ties with the team, this has not affected the relationship between Horner and his compatriot, as the former revealed later.

Christian Horner and Adrian Newey
Christian Horner and Adrian Newey (Via: Imago)

The Red Bull supremo claimed that it was a mutual agreement between the two regarding the 65-year-old’s exit from Milton Keynes.

I've spoken to Adrian[Newey] at length about it and Adrian's position is very clear. We have enjoyed a great relationship, and we continue to enjoy a great relationship. We are friends as well as work colleagues and he's done a huge amount for this team. We will be sad to see him leave but he's left the team in good shape and we've got a great team of people and strength and depth to take us forward.
Christian Horner said in an interview with Sky Sports

The Brit elaborated that he understood the arguments made by his colleague, and it was a mutual separation. Moreover, he indicated that this seperation would not affect his relationship with Newey as he claimed to be friends with him off track too and thanked him for his valuable efforts that helped Red Bull to reach the heights they are at currently.

Despite the breakup, there is a high probability that the 65-year-old would end up finding a home elsewhere on the grid. So, it could be a major blow to the Austrian manufacturer’s chances going forward as the design wizard could do wonders for any other team making Red Bull plummet downwards.

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