F1 drivers assemble on the grid ahead of the much awaited season opener in Bahrain

Formula One drivers have started gathering together in Bahrain ahead of the season opener this weekend

Formula One
Formula One

The 2022 season of Formula One brings with itself a variety of newly implemented technical rules and regulations. These latest rules and regulations have been put to effect to deal with a lot of past issues on the grid. These issues include the lack of fair competition between the top most placed teams and the other teams on the leaderboard. It has been incredibly difficult in the past for the midfield teams to battle with top teams like Mercedes and Red Bull.

Other problems that are supposed to be dealt with by implementing these regulations is the problem of overtaking. The new regulations are supposed to make the skill of overtaking easier for the drivers this season. The new cars for this season are also 47kgs heavier than the ones that we saw in the previous season, making it the heaviest it has been in the motorsport in the past 9 decades.

The new rules also calls for a VAR-style check system like in the sport of football in order to assist the race directors this year for checking after a controversial end to the 2021 Formula 1 season. Former race director Michael Masi was scrutinized after Red Bull’s Max Verstappen clinched his maiden championship title in Abu Dhabi by defeating 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton under uncalled for circumstances. This ended with Michael Masi being replaced as the race director of F1 and being shifted to a safety role. Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will alternatively act as the race director of F1 for 2022 with the assistance of Herbie Blash as F1’s permanent senior advisor.

F1 Drivers have started assembling in Bahrain ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton(on the left) and Charles Leclerc(on the right) ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix in Bahrain
Lewis Hamilton(on the left) and Charles Leclerc(on the right) ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix in Bahrain

There has been two phases of testing ahead of the first Grand Prix of the season in the Bahrain International Circuit. The first testing phase took place in Barcelona in the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya where all the teams on the grid got the chance to showcase the prowess of their brand new cars this season for the first time along with everyone else on the grid. Lewis Hamilton topped the overall leaderboard by setting the fastest lap in his Mercedes’ W13 with a timing of 1m19.138s. He had completed a total of 184 laps in those 3 days of testing.

The second phase of testing took place in Bahrain itself ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. Recently crowned world champion Max Verstappen topped the overall leaderboard following the conclusion to the 3 day testing period at Bahrain. He set the best time of 1m31.720s and completed a total number of 139 laps in those 3 days. Ferrari has joined the likes of being possible champions this season following an incredible results in both the phases of testing at Barcelona and Bahrain.

The drivers have already started assembling in Bahrain. This weekend marks the first race weekend of this season. The Bahrain Grand Prix will be conducted on the Bahrain International Circuit in the heart of the Sakhir desert.

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