Fred Vasseur claims Ferrari is ‘not worried about the future’ after an ‘incredibly difficult’ outing at the Canadian GP

Ferrari had a double DNF in the 70-lap Montreal event.

Fred Vasseur claims Ferrari is ‘not worried about the future’ after an ‘incredibly difficult’ outing at the Canadian GP

Carlos Sainz, Fred Vasseur and Charles Leclerc (via IMAGO)

The Ferrari F1 team had a torrid three-day outing during the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix. The outfit was nowhere near the level of its rivals and was seen struggling against the might of McLaren, Red Bull, and even the inconsistent Mercedes team.

The Maranello-based outing managed a double DNF in the main 70-lap race but despite this, team boss, Fred Vasseur has admitted that his team is not worried. Most people on the outfit have deemed the Canadian GP as a one-off bad weekend for them.

Ferrari is a big player in the 2024 Constructors Championship battle.

We must not change our approach. We will need to continue working and improving our problems by developing the machine. This was a difficult weekend, but I'm not worried about the future.
Fred Vasseur said in an interview with

Looking at the reaction of the Frenchman, it seems that he is not at all worried going forward into the 2024 F1 season. Moreover, he has asserted that following the problems with the SF-24 in Montreal, Ferrari will keep working hard to iron out the issues as soon as possible.

Charles Leclerc was missing 10-15 km/h straight-line speed in Canada

While Vasseur has oozed faith in his team going ahead into the season, he has also taken the time to shed light on Charles Leclerc‘s issues in Montreal. The Monegasque driver was dealing with an engine issue during the race and ultimately, had to retire because of it.

Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur
Charles Leclerc and Fred Vasseur (Via: Imago)

The issue had a massive impact on the pace Leclerc was able to extract from the SF-24.

It was frustrating for Charles, I understand that very well. The engineers say that he lost something like 80hp, on the straight he was missing 10-15km/h and therefore he knew that he had no chance of overtaking.
Fred Vasseur said in the same interview

The ongoing campaign is nine rounds down and after Canada, Ferrari has lost a bit of ground to the mighty Red Bull F1 team. Leclerc and co. have so far amassed 252 points in the standings whereas the Austrian outfit is currently sitting pretty on 301 points. Keeping this in view, Ferrari really can’t afford an off-weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix.

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