Sergio Perez claims he’ll work ‘really hard’ after losing momentum in 2024

Sergio Perez has seen a massive slump in his performances since the last few F1 events.

Sergio Perez claims he’ll work ‘really hard’ after losing momentum in 2024

Sergio Perez (via IMAGO)

Sergio Perez‘s start to the 2024 season was completely unexpected from his end. The Mexican driver was expected to closely follow Max Verstappen‘s pace since the season started. However, the 34-year-old fell down to the fifth spot in the drivers’ championship amidst disappointing performance. Additionally, Perez sustained back-to-back DNFs in Monaco and Canada. Regardless, Checo noted that he will score a comeback and start working really hard.

Sergio Perez reckoned that he lost a lot of momentum in the season as compared to the starting. However, Perez was extremely positive about improving his performance going ahead into the campaign. The Mexican mentioned that there was a ‘long season’ ahead and hoped to regain the start of the season form once again.

We lost some momentum obviously in the season, but I'm also very positive that there is a long season ahead and that we will get our form back.
Sergio Perez said during post-race interview.

Apart from this, the 34-year-old claimed that he will be working hard to regain his performance. Perez will have to put in the effort to start scoring better results in the 2024 season. Checo is extremely hopeful of returning to his start-of-the-season form amidst woeful performances. Additionally, there is more pressure on his shoulders after signing a two-year contract extension.

I will be working really hard in the coming weeks with the team to make sure that we are back to that form.

Sergio Perez added.

Sergio Perez faces a three-place grid penalty at the Spanish GP

Perez has been facing a massive slump in performance after suffering from two DNFs. The Mexican driver seriously damaged his chassis on both occasions. The 34-year-old had great hopes to regain his start-of-the-season performance and start performing well. However, he has received a grid penalty for the upcoming Spanish GP and hence, will have to work extra hard to move up the pecking order.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen (via IMAGO)

Sergio Perez collided with the wall in Montreal and heavily damaged the rear side of the chassis. The RB20 was good enough to crawl back to the pits. However, FIA wasn’t too happy with Perez driving the damaged chassis back to the pits. Hence, the 34-year-old driver has received a three-place grid penalty over this situation.

As a result, his nightmare weekends in the 2024 season might continue at the Spanish GP as well after the grid penalty. As things currently are, the Mexican driver can find himself out of the competition in the drivers’ championship. Checo has so far managed to amass only 107 points and is currently in fifth place in the standings.

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