How much money will all the teams get from the Prize Pot at the end of the Formula 1 2023 season?

How much money will all the teams get from the Prize Pot at the end of the Formula 1 2023 season?

Drivers racing on the grid (via Autocar)

Formula 1 2023 has finally ended, and it can be said that it has culminated into a celebration of Red Bull’s sheer dominance as they secured their sixth Constructor’s Championship. Additionally, Max Verstappen clinched his third F1 World title as he finished his 2023 campaign at the Abu Dhabi GP. Despite Red Bull being the winners, all other teams stand an opportunity to get a share of the Formula 1 prize pot.


As all the race weekends have now concluded and the officials have declared the final Constructors’ Championship results, everyone has been wondering about the rewards and the prize money that each team would receive for their performance in the season. Although the exact money split between teams is a secret, analysts could draw an estimate from the data and statistics.

The distribution would divide roughly 45% of the prize pot among the teams. Also, Ferrari receives an extra 5% split due to the teams historic significance in the sport since 1950. The constructor winner Red Bull will earn around $140 Million dollars, roughly 14% of the prize pot due to the dominant performance this season.

The runner-up team, Mercedes would receive about $131 million of the prize pot for the second spot in the constructor. The Maranello-based outfit of Ferrari would receive $122 Million including the extra 5% of the prize money due to the team’s history.


Following the top three teams, McLaren, after finishing fourth, would receive an estimate of $113 Million. This is a huge development for the papaya squad as they improved their performance drastically after the mid-season break. On the contrary, Aston Martin Racing fell prey to several issues after the mid-season. Thus, AMR were overtaken by McLaren and finally finished P5, garnering an estimated $104 million.

Would the bottom 5 teams get a share of the prize pool in Formula 1 2023?

The top five teams are the ones receiving money in triple digits of millions whereas the teams below the fifth spot will earn money in double digits. The mostly mid-level performance from Alpine has gained them P6 in the rankings and helped them achieve a modest $95 Million in prize money. Similarly, Williams had a mediocre performance yet finished P7 and totaled roughly $87 Million from the prize pot.

Max Verstappen securing P1.
Max Verstappen securing P1 at the Bahrain GP (via Red Bull)

The bottom 3 sequence of teams are topped by AlphaTauri. The Faenza outfit is expected to see a prize pot distribution of roughly $78 Million. This is a huge amount for the team that spent most of its 2723 season in turmoil due to a lot of driver changes in-between their campaign. Subsequently, Alfa Romeo and Haas would each receive $69 Million and $60 Million respectively as the teams had a season which they did not anticipate and occupied the bottom two spots of the table.

All the teams tried to perform at their best and scored impressive results. Despite the challenges faced at multiple racing venues, the teams put on a great show with amazing racing action in all the sectors of the track. Hence, F1 has finally culminated a successful 2023 season and aims to create another amazing season for the next year.


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