Lewis Hamilton shares heartfelt message to Brazil over record-breaking floods with thousands displaced

Lewis Hamilton is an honorary citizen of Brazil.

Lewis Hamilton shares heartfelt message to Brazil over record-breaking floods with thousands displaced

Lewis Hamilton (via IMAGO), A picture from the Brazil floods (Via the Guardian)

Brazil is currently facing one of the worst floods in the country’s history. Several cities have been destroyed by thunderstorms in the region with thousands of people suffering. Lewis Hamilton took to Instagram to share a message to Brazil and highlight the enormous devastation the flood has caused in the region.

The seven-time world champion shared a reel posted by the Guardian on his Instagram story. Lewis Hamilton wrote that his heart was with everyone in Brazil who has been impacted by this catastrophic incident.

Heart is with everyone in Brazil affected by this flooding.

Lewis Hamilton wrote on his Instagram story

The reel explained the current situation in the Latin American country. Over 75 people had died because of the floods in Southern Brazil so far, with thousands displaced, and over 100 still missing. The clip claims that this has been the worst floods in the country in at least 80 years. The Brazilian army has shared videos of rescuing citizens from the roofs of houses.

Football star Neymar Jr. sends relief supplies on private jet

The Latin American country is in dire need of support and humanitarian assistance. Neymar Jr, the captain of the Brazilian men’s team stepped up to help his country. The Football star sent his private jet with much-needed food supplies and water for the thousands who have been impacted by this disaster.

Neymar Jr. for Al-Hilal
Neymar Jr. for Al-Hilal (via Goal.com)

Moreover, Neymar urged more people to take the initiative and help out the situation. It has also been reported that the Brazilian star’s personal helicopter has been involved in evacuation missions. Certainly, a big gesture from the 32-year-old at a time when his country is in crisis.

This post is to encourage more people to help. I'd like to thank the pilots of my aircraft and everyone involved. I'm here from afar praying everything goes back to normal.
Neymar Jr wrote on Instagram

The world needs stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Neymar Jr to contribute in relief efforts in such calamities. Celebrities not only have the availability of resources but also a platform which could influence millions to make an impact as well. The whole world would be hoping that the situation in Brazil improves and the citizens can go back to normalcy in the coming weeks.

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