“We were so dominant and then something like this happens…” Helmut Marko was disappointed after a P2 finish in the British Qualifying. 

Helmut Marko is optimistic about Max Verstappen's win on the British Grand Prix Sunday.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko with Max Verstappen
Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko with Max Verstappen

Helmut Marko, an advisor of Red Bull Racing, was disappointed after the British GP Qualifying after a P2 and P4 finish the RB-18s managed. Max almost dominated all the sessions on Saturday, topping the list in both the Q1 and Q2 but failed to do it in the most important part. 

Helmut blamed the yellow flag that got the Dutchman on the breaks for a while that ruined his final lap for pole in the British GP. He is now standing behind Carlos and ahead of Charles between both the Ferraris. However, the CEO hopes to get off to a better start tomorrow as the bulls were the fastest car around.

“We had to get off the gas because of the yellow flag. That cost us the pole position in the third sector, Marko explained.

“We were so dominant and then something like this happens…” he said.

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Helmut Marko is optimistic about Max Verstappen’s win on British Sunday

Helmut and Red Bull
Helmut and Red Bull

Helmut knew the pole position value on the circuit like Silverstone, but he still has hopes for a Bull win tomorrow. 2021 was a disaster for Red Bull and Max Verstappen in the fast corners of Silverstone with the latter losing 25 valuable points from his list. 

“I think in race trim we will be faster again, but the problem here is overtaking. From second and fourth place, a lot is possible from a strategic and tactical point of view,” said Marko being optimistic about the win tomorrow. 

Max is now leading the championship with 46 points and plus 3 to the Ferrari title rival, he needs a serious win if the Dutchman wants to continue and increase his lead for the championship this season. He has also been receiving boos from the stands and needs to shut all the haters down by winning the race as a part of redemption for 2021.

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