“Mick started very weakly,” Ralf Schumacher warns Mick Schumacher of a potential loss of the seat to Felipe Drugovichui

Mick Schumacher still is seatless for 2023 with no confirmation with Haas as of now, Ralf Schumacher fears him losing his seat to young talents in Formula 2.

Mick Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher
Mick Schumacher and Ralf Schumacher
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Mick Schumacher has been a part of Formula 1 for the second year in continuity. But his performance hasn’t been much to mark in the last two seasons other than a few. Mick managed to score his first points this season in Silverstone and then again in Austria. This again made a good impression in front of the crows after a brilliant fight with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. But that was still not enough to make the driver withhold his seat for the next season.

Haas has still not confirmed their driver, with Mick Schumacher rumoured to have a threat of being seatless after this season. Mick’s connection with Ferrari isn’t a new thing for anyone but with no contract with them for next year, Schumacher still has to look for a seat if he wants to continue next season as well.

Ralf Schumacher criticizes Mick’s performance at the start of the season but thinks he is on the right track as of now. “Well, I have to say, Mick obviously started very weakly. Mick started weakly in relation to [Kevin] Magnussen, you just have to see it that way. But he found his way at the right time. He’s already done that a few times and will continue to do so, hopefully with the update too,” said Ralf.

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Ralf Schumacher fears Mick Schumacher losing out to Formula 2 drivers

Guenther Steiner with Mick Schumacher
Guenther Steiner with Mick Schumacher

With more upcoming superstars joining the sport it is very important for a driver to perform their best on regular basis. Mick is no expectation with poor performances it won’t take time for the young driver to get a pass to exit the sport. Ralf fears this and mentions the talent the sport is waiting for specially Phelipe Drugovichui.

I mean, there are also some from Formula 2 who are a bit pressing, of course, and also have money. There Drugovich is involved, after three or what feels like four years he has gone ahead,” said Ralf.

As of now, Mick and Haas are not in contact for a future contract with Guenther waiting for Monza to initiate his first talk. But Haas has all the authority to decide its drivers with no obligation from Ferrari. Guenther gives a reason for taking no decision to make a contract with the 22-year-old. Haas has never made a decision prior to Summer break to decide their driver for the next season and they will stick to this in 2022 as well.

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