“More the manufacturers, more the structure”: Stefano Domenicali lists the pros of Porsche and Audi entering F1

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has expressed his hopes for the new entrants into F1 as there has been word of Volkswagen group entering Formula 1 to rival Mercedes.

Stefano Domenicali
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Word has already been doing the rounds in the various F1 communities regarding the entry of new manufacturers like Porsche and Audi into the future editions of the Formula 1 Championship. Of the reports are to be believed, then we will be able to see these new entrants in as early as the 2026 season of F1. In the opinion of F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, the authoritative members of the sport are stoked to welcome the Volkswagen group as they can foresee several advantages of having new manufacturers, such as the possibility of having more teams on the grid in future.

Ever since the fans have gotten a whiff of the news that German manufacturer Volkswagen is in the final stages of fixing a plan to enter Formula 1 to rival Mercedes, the future of Audi and Porsche in F1 has been debated by many. Several news outlets have also talked about a potential partnership deal bringing place between Porsche and Red Bull, but Christian Horner did not comment on that possibility when he was asked. The Briton said such partnership is indeed favorable for the team, but Red Bull should not lose its integrity in the process. 

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Stefano Domenicali mulls over the possibilities that will arrive with new manufacturers in F1

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali
F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali

As of now, nothing has been made official about when we might see the two Volkswagen brands enter into F1. The deal between Red Bull and Porsche has also not been announced publicly by either of their spokespersons. On top of that, there is also some unconfirmed news doing the rounds, about Audi being in talks with Sauber for a partnership that will decide Haas’ future. But Stefano Domenicali is upbeat about the entire arrangement of new manufacturers entering Formula 1 and he believes this will open doors for new teams too.

Speaking to GrandPrix247.com, Stefano Domenicali commented on the added value that the Volkswagen group will bring in F1. He said, “The benefit is for sure credibility. Using the expertise that only Formula 1 has, can help them in order to find new ways of being present on the market.”

He also continued, “From the sporting point of view, the more manufacturers we have, the more structure in terms of having manufacturers with other teams will enable the sporting side to have more teams that could be seen as more independent into the sport.” 

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